Délice & Sarrasin

Considering butter is to French cooking like chocolate is to, well, anything chocolate, no one would blame you for wondering how the hell there’s such a thing as a vegan French restaurant. That’s what Delice & Sarrasin in the West Village is, and when dishes arrive at your table, they’ll look exactly like plates coming out of a kitchen in Paris.

While this place really excels at mimicking the appearance of “real” French dishes, not every item tastes like them. The oyster-mushroom escargots and pea-protein poulet have flavors that are pretty removed from snails and chicken legs (although both are good). However, the tahini-based foie gras, buckwheat crêpes with "smoked salmon," and orange crème brûlée are all quite reminiscent of the dishes on which they’re based. If you’re a vegan who loves French food, this should be your go-to spot.

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photo credit: Delice & Sarrasin

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