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Tasting menus have gotten a little out of hand lately. Dinners last longer than a three-set Phish show, and there are no drugs involved. Also, they cost a fortune. Everyone seems to be trying to one-up each other. Twenty-four courses! Courses being served in the kitchen! In a forest! A tasting menu inside a dumpster! Clearly, it’s a trend that desperately needs to be reeled in a bit. So let us thank Delaware and Hudson, a small restaurant in Williamsburg doing big things. They have a tasting menu. Actually, they only have a tasting menu. However, it’s short, sweet, and really f*cking delicious.

For dinner, Delaware and Hudson offers a $48 tasting menu, and it’s officially our favorite new tasting menu experience in town. The food is all sourced locally from the Northeast, and the beer and wine list is small but masterfully curated. They also offer a cider pairing, because of course they do. The meal itself is low-key, and very communal. Although the kitchen displays a high level of culinary craft, Delaware and Hudson doesn’t take itself too seriously. We like that a lot. The meal starts with a smorgasbord of appetizers to share, followed by a pasta course, entree, and a dessert. Remember The Feel Good Factor™ discussed in our recent Meadowsweet review? Yeah, Delaware and Hudson has got that going on, too. Whoever was responsible for handing out Michelin stars in Williamsburg definitely knows what we’re talking about - both restaurants got stars this year.

D&H is a prime choice for the colder months and should be at the top of your Hit List starting right now. They’ve got serious autumn vibes going on at the moment and do a very nice job of bringing their menu to life with subtle but effective decor and atmosphere details. If you enjoy eating dinner in restaurants AND either a) have a beard, b) often wear flannel, c) like Wilco, or d) have recently taken an Instagram photo at an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch, then there’s a 100% chance you’re going to love Delaware and Hudson. If only dinner applies, we’ll bring that number down to 98%.

Food Rundown

Chestnut Soup

A thick, creamy, sweet shot of soup, and the perfect way to set the table for a seasonal meal. A+.

Pretzel Rolls

You absolutely cannot beat homemade pretzel rolls. You simply cannot.

Pickle Assortment

Because if you’re not pickling things while wearing flannel and listening to Wilco, what the f*ck else are you doing?

Taylor Bay Scallop

Served on the half shell, with a spicy apple kohlrabi slaw, this was one of the greatest scallop preparations I’ve ever had. You only get one scallop each, but I easily could have eaten 45 of them.

Chicken Liver Pate

About as good as chicken liver gets. It comes with a nice sweet crabapple jelly, another subtle seasonal hint.

Ham And Potatoes

A simple dish of small potatoes and chunks of ham in a thick cream sauce. It’s not the kind of thing you see on many tasting menus, or many menus at all, for that matter.

Green Tomato Pie

As far as the appetizers are concerned, Delaware and Hudson saves the best for last. Holy sh*t, this tomato pie is something else. It’s sweet, but it’s also savory, and I’ve been thinking about it every day since.

Ricotta Dumplings

If you died and went to pasta heaven, which is where we hope to go someday, these ricotta dumplings would be the pillows you sleep upon. They’re dreamy puffs of pasta stuffed with cheese, layered in a buttery sauce, and laced with smoky pork belly, swiss chard, and pickled walnuts. This may be the world’s most perfect pasta.

Wild Striped Bass

The only real decision you have to make at Delaware and Hudson is whether you want meat, vegetable, or fish for your entree. Their striped bass preparation was excellent. The fish had tons of flavor, was seasoned just right, and was sitting on a salty bed of melted leeks and roasted mushrooms. Delicious.

Roasted Pork Loin

Of all the dishes we had here, this was the weakest link. The pork loin was a little tough, a tad overcooked, and overall just not on the level of everything else. That being said, the accompanying baby turnips, turnip greens, and cipollini onions helped to save the dish a bit.


An elevated version of a simple classic - chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. The brownie-esque cake came with a perfectly jiggly panna cotta and lasted maybe 30 seconds before it was fully engulfed into its new home, my belly. That was followed by petit fours, which is what those plates of four different bite-sized chocolate things are called. Game over. Can’t wait to come back.

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