Cuts & Slices

At Cuts & Slices in Bed-Stuy, you’ll see chicken & waffle, black truffle alfredo shrimp, and lasagna pizzas. This place sets itself apart from other slice shops by offering a bunch of uncommon toppings, and while varieties like curry shrimp and jerk salmon are interesting, the oxtail pies are the number one reason to come here. There are three different kinds, and the sweet chili one comes loaded with crispy, tender shredded oxtail. The chewy crust will remind you of a buttermilk biscuit (in taste, not texture), and it’s a good understated vehicle for all the aggressively-flavored toppings. Since this place has one of the largest selections of slices in the city (including a handful of vegan options), you can come here with pretty much anyone. Slices with seafood are $10-$15 (with one of the whole pies going for $100), but they’re not stingy with the toppings.

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photo credit: Brendan Edwards

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