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Criollas Baked Empanadas

Located in the Columbus Circle station, this Argentinian spot serves comforting empanadas from owner (and former dentist), Mario Vivas. Mario learned his empanada skills from his grandmother Stella who taught him everything he knows, including how to make one of the best ham and cheese empanadas we’ve ever had - its creamy filling of mozzarella, nutmeg, and ham oozes perfectly. Unlike a lot of spots, everything here is organic and they use a flaky vegan dough. Also, the shape of the empanadas are a bit more oblong, which differs from the classic - the difference in shape allows the crust to keep the melted cheese inside and not on your pants. The sweet corn creme with scallions, red peppers, and onions is a delicious vegetarian option, and the smoked chicken empanada is full of rich tomato sauce and onions. You can also have these empanadas shipped directly to you, including their Buenos Aires box: a special mix of 12 classic empanadas that includes six Malbec beef, three spinach asiago, and three fugazetta with cheese and caramelized onions.

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