Cowgirl Sea-Horse

Perfect For: Big Groups Brunch Late Night Eats Screaming Children Sports!

Let me set the scene for you. It's about 10pm, and my coworkers and I had been drinking for about five hours already. God bless summer Fridays. We had the bad idea of going to Water Taxi Beach for happy hour and are now starving in South Street Seaport with no idea what to do with ourselves. The Seaport is not known for their food, that's for damn sure. So, instead of leading this wasted crew through a Chinatown maze which would have only led to bad things, I hit twitter to see what The Infatuation Nation had to say. According to LadyOfGrand and Zackola, Cowgirl Sea-Horse was our move. Thanks to everyone who chimed in with a suggestion.

A laid back bar/restaurant with tortilla chips, tacos and buckets of beer was exactly what this crew needed at that moment. The food coming out of the kitchen is average at best. Still, for a relatively cheap place with ample space and good drinks, I'm not complaining. For the Seaport, it's definitely a good option. Put this restaurant anywhere else though, and we'd keep on walking. Would I take a trip back to the seaport just to hit the Seahorse? Absolutely not. Under similar circumstances though, I'd make the same call. Thank you Twitter.

Food Rundown:

Chips & Salsa
The chips were actually really good, it tasted like they were either homemade or quality imports.

Gulf Coast Gumbo
Surprisingly good. A far cry from New Orleans quality, but admirably enjoyable. Kinda like Hale & Hearty.

Sugar Reef Coconut Shrimp
A swing and a big fat miss. Even all liquored up, these boys didn't taste very good. The one redeeming quality was the spicy horseradish-orange marmalade which was almost good enough to mask some nasty shrimp.

Buffalo Chicken Strips
Standard strips, no better or worse than what you'd get at Chili's.

Fish Tacos
Take a crew of drunk people to a restaurant with cowboy hats and mermaids decorating the bar and you know they're all headed face first towards a plate if fish tacos. The jury was split on these, those who got them fried happily cleaned their plates. Those who got them blackened, weren't as fortunate.

Vegetarian Side Saddle
The "fat girl carb dream" as my vegetarian friend called it. Pick four sides from a list including beans, slaw, mash, rice, cornbread, onion rings and that's your dinner. We'd suggest the Mac 'N Cheese and crispy Sweet Potato Fries if you decide to go this route.

Papa Joel's Pulled Pork Sandwich
A solid pulled pork sandwich. It's not winning awards, but it's better than the one at Wildwood, that's for sure. It'll do the trick if you're in the mood.

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