Nine Orchard, a new hotel on Orchard and Canal, is the Lower East Side’s biggest opening in a while. And that’s saying something, considering we struggle to keep up with the number of places that open around here on a weekly basis. The hotel’s main event, so far, is Corner Bar, an American bistro run by Ignacio Mattos, the chef behind Estela, Altro Paradiso, and Lodi. Here, you’ll eat caesar salad, oysters Rockefeller, steak au poivre, and some of the city’s best french fries. The food is less inventive than at its sister spots, but it's well-executed in every case. Plus, you’re also here for what’s quickly turning into a real scene—we sat next to someone who put sunglasses on during the meal. Know that it’s an older, somewhat fancier crowd than what you’ll find in the surrounding neighborhood known as Dimes Square, which feels like it’s now officially been Nolita-ified. But just have another martini, enjoy it, and then order dessert. The melon-olive oil soft serve gelato already feels kind of iconic.

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