Citrico Cafe

Citrico Cafe is the type of restaurant you’ll love if you feel too old for the club. It’s not a party restaurant, exactly, but there’s a bright bar in the center that sets the tone, and everyone’s always having a good time. Focus on the taco menu, and order more than you planned as Happy Hour turns into a Tuesday night out. The filet mignon tacos consist of tender slices of beef in toasted handmade flour tortillas, and Citrico’s take on al pastor comes with a buttery slab of char siu pork belly in a blue-corn tortilla. If you want a larger entree, we also love the pollo campero. Citrico Cafe is a big space with outdoor seating, and you’ll see groups pregaming with cocktails or ordering margaritas until 1am, but it never feels like a frat-boy cantina—so you can tuck into a corner and have a more intimate date here as well.

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