Chrissy's Pizza

It’s been impossible to get a Chrissy’s Pizza, ever since this former Bushwick pop-up began dropping pre-order links for pick-ups at its new East Village home. Eventually, in a desperate move, we offered some guy a pint of ice cream from Superiority Burger in exchange for a pepperoni slice. Thankfully, he obliged. The slice was thin, crispy, and had little pools of orange grease in each pepperoni cup—one bite and we knew our last-ditch barter attempt was worth it. When a pop-up like Chrissy’s abandons their “off-brand home oven” for a brick-and-mortar, you might wonder if the charm has worn off. It hasn’t. Chrissy’s Pizza will be opening soon, so hopefully we’ll never have to pre-order (or approach some guy) to acquire one of NYC’s best new slices again.

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