Choc NYC

Choc NYC is a bakery so good that it’ll make you wish you lived next door (or at least in the neighborhood if you don’t already). This place bakes their own croissants, pastries, tarts, and cakes in the back, and it’s best to swing by first thing in the morning before the pastries start to thin out. Stop by for a latte and one of the must-try caramelized croissants (some even come dipped in chocolate), a muffin, or a pistachio eclair. With an excellent selection of desserts for a crowd - we like the classic chocolate layer cake and seasonal baked fruit tarts - keep this place in mind the next time a holiday or special occasion pops up.

Food Rundown

Caramelized Croissant

We love caramelized anything, but this croissant tops our list. Large and buttery, it manages to be both crispy and a bit chewy, with a sweetness that isn’t cloying. If you want to go for broke, get the one that’s dipped in chocolate.

Pistachio Eclair

There’s a beautifully artisanal quality to the opaque green glaze and pistachio bits decorating this French pastry. The inside is no different—the crusty baked choux dough is bursting with fluffy pistachio cream, ensuring no bite goes without.

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