Located in the building that once housed the popular Lundy’s Restaurant, which dominated the neighborhood from 1926-1979, Cherry Hill Gourmet might just become your new favorite grocery store. The Spanish Colonial-style building is a designated landmark, and it’s worth coming here for the decor alone, which includes original casement windows and cherry blossom detailing on the ceiling. The selection here skews Eastern European, though they carry specialty ingredients from all over the world. The deli counter is home to an impressive array of sliceable jellied meats, as well as heart and star-shaped salame. If you like rare oils and vinegars, they have dozens. Stop by the pastry case and try to pick just one thing to take home. If you can’t decide, the Kiev case is not to be missed, a layered meringue and cream cake that’s a perfect marriage of crispy, crunchy, and creamy textures. There’s also a dedicated parking lot, so if you have a car, you can really stock up.

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