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This Restaurant is Permanently Closed


This Restaurant is Permanently Closed

You don’t need to work at The Infatuation to be a restaurant critic. Every time you love or hate a restaurant, you give your friends a review. But what do you tell them when your feelings fall somewhere in between? Your review might sound something like this:

“It was reeeeeally pretty”

Cassette is, indeed, a reeeeeally pretty restaurant. It feels like a Parisian neighborhood gem that just happened to pop up in the middle of Greenpoint. It’s huge, with big stained-glass windows, and at night it’s covered in candles. It’s the kind of place where you will be so happy with your decision to spend your evening here that you will say f*ck being reasonable, I am an adult and I’m going to order cocktails and wine and dessert.

Since we’re not huge fans of Rucola, the popular Boerum Hill Italian restaurant run by the same people, we went into Cassette wary of the amazing vibes/not amazing food model we’ve experienced at their original restaurant. But the food at Cassette is a big improvement from their first venture. The menu is somewhere between French and Spanish, and everything is well-executed. Nothing here is exactly adventurous, but we appreciate that Cassette puts a spin on each dish to keep things from getting boring. For anything from a quick breakfast to a boozy brunch to a weeknight dinner, it's a place that's easy enough to bring your friend in town from Kansas, and interesting enough that you’ll be happy, too.

While we’ve enjoyed our meals at Cassette, we wouldn’t tell you to plan a visit here were it not for the environment. Cassette isn’t just a looker - it’s a genuinely comfortable place to hang out. This is a place where you can actually enjoy your meal without having to compromise elbow space, or listen to your neighbors’ intense discussion about doggy daycare, or feel rushed because there are 16 people waiting in line to get a table.

Is Cassette's food alone worth the trip? Not quite. But the food, plus the vibes? That’s an experience worth telling your friends about.

Food Rundown

Marble Potatoes

The fat kid in us wishes this was actually a creamy potato salad, but these are as good as cold potatoes without mayonnaise could be.

Escarole Salad

If you need a salad on your table, this is a good way to get your greens. “Good way” meaning they’re covered in nuts and cheese.

Pan Roasted Chicken

We'll spare you the disappointment - those are not golden, crispy potatoes. They are pieces of celery root. Get over it, because this chicken is delicious.

Chocolate Mousse

Pumpkin seeds? Sure, we’ll take anything to pretend that whipped chocolate is healthy. Antioxidants aside, this is how you want to end your meal.

Avocado Toast

Restaurants keep putting avocado toast on their brunch menus, and Cassette reminded us why we keep ordering them. This one has crusty bread, a thin layer of tangy crushed tomatoes, and big slices of avocado. You won’t be disappointed.

Croque Madame

A melty ham and cheese sandwich, with an egg on top. Yeah, you’ll enjoy it.

House-Cured Salmon

Cassette’s take on lox: tasty salmon on an English muffin with a super creamy goat cheese schmear. And a pile of arugula.

Papas Bravas

Lightly fried potatoes with a smattering of garlic aioli. So that’s a yes.

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