For all of the other “healthy” vegan hot spots out there, by CHLOE is the one that makes this food seem the most like something you actually want to consume several times a week, rather than just that one time your most annoying vegetarian friend asked you out to dinner.

What you’ll find at by CHLOE is a casual setup serving truly excellent salads, very good veggie burgers that look like they could easily have come from Shake Shack, and fries that could not have because they’re actually good. And yes, we just said fries. Turns out those are vegan, too.

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Food Rundown

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Quinoa Taco Salad

A very satisfying salad that you can easily make a meal of, assuming you’re comfortable with the fact that you’ll have no idea what 8 of the 9 ingredients in the bowl are. Let’s just go with tacos. They’re all tacos.

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Kale Caesar Salad

This salad actually tastes like one you might have at your dinner table, and that’s a good thing. So often, kale salads end up being “that thing you eat with your pumpkin seeds” rather than a simple bowl of greens with croutons. Eat this.

The Classic Burger

As classic as a burger gets when there’s no meat in it. This will not satisfy a hamburger craving, but it will satisfy a “something on a bun with pickles” craving. Either way, it’s good.

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The Guac Burger

We’ve eaten this “burger” three times and still have no idea what it’s made of, but we do know we like it. There are definitely avocados involved.

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Mac N’ Cheese

Turns out no amount of sorcery can make noodles covered in fake cheese taste like noodles covered in real cheese. This is the only dish on the menu that we’ve been disappointed with. Skip it.

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Avocado Pesto Pasta

Being humane to animals does not mean you can’t be mean to a bowl of noodles. PUNISH THEM.

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Meatball Sandwich

This is actually passable for a real meatball sandwich, in the way that most meatballs are somewhat passable for meat. The tomato sauce is really good, as is the bun, and that’s sort of all that matters.

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Kale Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

Why is there kale in this? This vegan ice cream is a fcking modern marvel of human innovation, and now you have made the least interesting thing about it the thing everybody talks about. You can’t even taste the kale. All you taste are cookies and cream and it is MAGIC. The kale part is all marketing.

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