Here’s your update to our original 2009 review of Burger Joint: It’s still the f*cking best. Just in case you were wondering, this is still probably the burger we’d most like to eat at any given time in New York City, and the only thing that keeps us from having one weekly is the near constant line and our desire to avoid a Lipitor dependency.

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Actually, these days the lines at Burger Joint can be pretty manageable, especially if you go at off-peak hours. If you’re wandering through Midtown at 3pm, you can usually roll right in unimpeded. Noon on a Thursday is a different story.

Regardless of what time you go or how long you have to wait for your hot handful of beef and bun and American glory, Burger Joint is always a smart move. It will forever have a place in The Infatuation Hall of Fame and should also be added to the short list of dining establishments that every visitor to this city must experience before being allowed out of Midtown. First you have your burger, then you can see the hyperbaric chamber that we keep Sarah Jessica Parker in.

Food Rundown

Burger, Medium, The Works

If you aren’t ordering it like this, you’re doing it wrong. What’s that? You don’t like pickles or onions? Then might I sugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... my bad, I just fell asleep because of how boring you are. I’m sorry you were sheltered as a child. Now saddle up and eat this burger like it’s meant to be eaten.

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The fries are good, and the boss move is to grab the mustard and the ketchup bottle from the table, squeeze both on the paper your burger arrived in, and mix yourself up a fry dipping sauce. The mustard has some serious zip to it. So good.

Burger Joint review image

Other Menu Items

Other than a whole pickle and a milkshake, there are no other menu items. So it is, and so it shall forever be.

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