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It's only been a year since we first wrote about Brucie, a quaint little restaurant in Cobble Hill that reminded us of having home cooked meals from a fictional Italian grandmother in Brooklyn. Since last year's review, we've found ourselves coming back here quite a bit, and we've gotta say - grandma's picked up some new skills. This place has become immensely better over the last twelve months, and we felt compelled to make sure you know it. Brucie is on it's way from good to great.

The thing is, not much has changed at Brucie since they opened. This is still the same neighborhood restaurant that will fill a banged up pan from your kitchen with delicious lasagna for a nominal fee, or play capable host to the next First/Early In The Game Date that you're going to ruin with your terrible stories. But the food that this place is serving every day just seems to get better as time goes on. Honestly, using words like "home cooked" and "grandma" to describe Brucie in it's current state doesn't really do it justice anymore. We all love grandmas, but this restaurant is far more than that. This is as good as almost anything in Brooklyn right now.

Food Rundown

Chicken For Two
A huge half chicken that's been cooked to perfection under a brick, and comes served in a dish that looks like a f*cking canoe. I don't know what they do to this bird, but it should be done to every edible bird on the planet, whatever it is. We also love the bed of yogurt that the chicken sits on, which you need to mix in with everything for optimal enjoyment. Just know going in that this item is apparently not always on the menu, which seems crazy to us.

There is always some kind of crostini available at Brucie, and they're always very good. Check local listings for whatever is in season and going on top of the bread while you're there, but we're going to bet you'll like it. The only problem is that they're a little pricey at $9 a pop.

The last time we were at Brucie we ate some carrots that were incredible, thanks in large part to this crunchy grain that they sprinkled on top, like toasted farro from heaven. Hope that they're still doing that when you're there next.

Tagliatelle with House-made Burrata, Brussels Sprouts, Tomato Butter
This is another one of Brucie’s signature dishes, though it might soon be eclipsed by that chicken. It’s basically a big bowl of trendy food keywords – burrata, brussels sprouts...pasta. This will stick to your bones in all the good ways, and you can also feel good about getting some vegetables in while you carbo load for that run you’re not going on tomorrow.

Spaghetti And Meatballs
Simple and comforting. We wouldn’t normally recommend that you order spaghetti at a restaurant that doesn’t also serve unlimited bread sticks, but this one is solid.

Panelle Sandwich
An excellent chick pea fritter sandwich, available during brunch. As a matter of fact, all of the sandwiches are good here at Brucie.

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