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Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

If monster sundaes, floats, grilled cheese sandwiches, pickles, and cured meats sound good to you, pay attention. A couple of years back, a Brooklyn family decided to buy an old, storied 1920's pharmacy that had been abandoned for over a decade and turn it into an ice cream bar and restaurant. They were convinced that a throwback ice cream parlor, gentrified and "artisanalized" for 2013, would be a welcome addition to their 'hood. And they were right. The new Brooklyn Farmacy retains lots of the antique charm of the old building, and "The Farm", as it's affectionately known, has become invaluable to all. It's a neighborhood hang for kids after school, a greasy chronic brunch destination for hipsters battling hangovers, and a meeting place for Brooklyn's resident pregnant chicks. Yep, that's everyone.

Being that we're nearly as obsessed with ice cream as we are with chocolate chip cookies, you shouldn't be surprised that, despite not living anywhere near it, Farmacy is in our regular rotation. We love everything about this place, from the vintage aesthetic, to seasonally rotating sundae menu, to the assortment of local Brooklyn food products in their market section. They also "employ" our favorite server ever, a 13-year-old named Harry who looks like a young Bruno Mars and serves like a seasoned pro. We're pretty sure gets paid in ice cream (especially if you're reading this from the Department of Labor). We kind of want to do a BusBoys-esque video spinoff series with him in which he critiques the terrible attitude and work ethic of trendy Brooklyn waiters around the area. Does anyone have a contact on his parents? Does he have parents?

If you're anything like us, you'll love this place. My daughter will absolutely be having a birthday party here once she's old enough to appreciate ice cream. See you never, Chuck E. Cheese.

Food Rundown

Ice Cream Sundaes
This isn't Ben & Jerry's, Cold Stone Creamery, or Big Gay Ice Cream. There aren't a gazillion flavors or topping choices, just a few good and simple things like if it was back in the day. But they also get very creative from time to time. Take a look at the menu and you'll see what we're talking about. We've had success all over the board here, but usually wind up crafting our own creamy creation (that sounded gross). Toppings you can count on that will always be involved: brownie, pretzel, home made hot fudge, and whipped cream. Oh, and chocolate chip cookie crumble, obviously.

Egg Cream
Farmacy gets big nostalgia points here. When was the last time you had an egg cream? The correct answer is never. I do actually remember having one a really long time ago with my Grandma, who loved them and was schooling me on their Brooklyn history. If this is your first venture into egg cream territory, know that they don't actually contain eggs. Just milk and soda water with chocolate, vanilla, coffee, maple or, in this case, buttered beer syrup. Not bad.

Pastrami & Kraut on Rye
Everything on this guy is made in Brooklyn, from the meat, to the mustard, to the 'kraut, to the bread. Brooklyn tastes damn good.

Grilled Cheese
Exactly the style you remember eating as a kid, just way, way better. You want one of these.

Breakfast Sandwiches
They've got a bunch of different ones. The Pozallo Way comes with eggs, pesto, fresh mozzarella, and spinach. Also, the Pastrami Scramble is very awesome. Any one of these will help you out with that hangover and also probably make it a bit more challenging to finish off that ridiculous sundae you just ordered.

Crunchy Rick's Pickles are available for $.50 each. You'll never realize how well they go with ice cream until you try it.

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