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Broken Spoke Rotisserie

Perfect For: First/Early in the Game Dates Serious Take-Out Operation Sports on TV

Broken Spoke Rotisserie

Murray Hill is one of those areas that makes you question the who's and the why's of restaurant existence. Who opens a place across from Windsor Court and then covers it with spooky velvet curtains so you have no idea whether it’s a restaurant or a dungeon? Why does someone think opening yet another bar with 35 flat screens and bad food is necessary? There are already 67 in a six-block radius. It's all very confusing.

Broken Spoke Rotisserie, though, is no head-scratcher. Murray Hill is desperate for cool-ish restaurants sans flat screens, with a focus on reasonably-priced food and craft beers, so this place makes a lot of sense. (I lied. There is a singular flat screen here. We’re in Murray Hill, after all.)

Broken Spoke's specialty is rotisserie chicken, but this isn't Boston Market. And while they run a serious takeout operation (they’re available on any and all delivery services), Broken Spoke is definitely not fast-casual either. It's a low-key restaurant/bar hybrid in a land of loud, obnoxious restaurant/bar hybrids. It’s the kind of place you walk into for a casual dinner, pull up a chair at a high-top table, and order off an always-changing chalkboard menu. And unlike the rest of the Murray Hill hybrids, Broken Spoke actually takes their food craft seriously.

Overall, the food at Broken Spoke is pretty damn good. Nothing to go crazy out of your way for, but if you live in this hood and don’t already know about this place, get it into regular rotation asap. The chicken is great, as one would expect. But they also serve an impressive bone-on short rib, tasty Brussels sprouts, mac & cheese, and a very good Mexican-influenced brunch. One thing to avoid here: the Juicy Lucy burger. More on that below.

Food Rundown

Yellowtail Sashimi

Peppers, onions, and avocado make up a nice, fresh salad of raw white fish. A very nice, light way to kick things off.

Mac & Chilaca

Baked noodles, cotija and chihuahua cheese sauce, and poblano chilis. You're going to want to order this.

Caesar Chavez

Big fan of the Broken Spoke caesar, which is your typical caesar plus some cotija cheese. Love romaine when it’s extra cold, and the anchovy dressing is on point.

Brussels Sprouts

These are super charred and flaky and served with a fancy yogurt sauce. You want them.

Broken Spoke Chicken

The main reason you are coming here: chicken. Smoke-rubbed, rotisserie cooked, juicy, delicious chicken. Their chimichurri is money.

Juicy Lucy Burger

A semi-permanent special that should probably be ended soon. Sure, the idea of a cheese stuffed burger is great (for some), but not when you over compensate by charring the burger to make sure the cheese is melted, ultimately serving a burger that tastes like biting into a piece of used charcoal.

Giant Short Rib

If you're hungry and with a bunch of people, this giant rib of beef is a good time.


Not just a solid brunch, but a solid bottomless brunch. Tired of Penelope? Come here.

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