Broken Shaker

Broken Shaker is a rooftop bar, but it isn’t a place where you’ll have to shout over loud music while someone spills a vodka Red Bull on your new shoes. It gets packed, sure - but it feels less like a typical rooftop bar and more like a house party in a nice, beach-themed apartment that you somehow got invited to. It’s on top of the Freehand Hotel on Lexington Ave, and there’s a big indoor space with plenty of tables and bars on either side, as well as a large wraparound terrace with even more tables. You can either sit and order food (like a burger with yucca fries and a tray of uni), or you can just grab a drink at one of the bars and enjoy the views. That said, you should get here early, or mentally prepare for a long wait. The good news is, it’s worth it.

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