If you want to start a fight, ask a native Brooklynite whether they prefer Roll ‘n’ Roaster or Brennan and Carr, then disagree with them. Brennan and Carr is the older of the two, in operation since 1938, and fans of each place tend to be fiercely loyal. The focus here is on the meat. If you’re feeling bold, order the Gargiulo, named for a famous Coney Island Italian restaurant, which is essentially a burger patty on a dipped roast beef sandwich. Their corn nuggets are also very good, and they have Budweiser on tap. Eating inside here feels a bit like eating on a pirate ship, in the best way, but in my experience, Brennan and Carr is a little less consistent than the other option located just a few blocks south. Sometimes your cheese will be cheese sauce, other times it will be a slice of yellow American. But you should try both sandwiches, and make your own decision.

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