Bowery Meat Company

We’ve never been all that big on steakhouses. We get that there will always be a need for a place where old business dudes can celebrate their latest Ponzi scheme/jet ski purchase, but we’ve never been the type to drop big money and big calories on buttered meat and scalloped potatoes.

There are definitely some restaurants we visit when such an occasion is called for (like that time we bought a used jet ski) - St. Anselm, Minetta Tavern, and Strip House among them. Bowery Meat Company now belongs on that list.

Bowery Meat Company is the new steak house from Josh Capon and the Lure/Burger & Barrel Team, and after having now eaten here, we can share this groundbreaking scientific discovery: We officially have something in common with Justin Bieber, Michael Strahan, and a Real Housewife. No, not that we are all about to “drop a single,” and not that we’ve all taken a selfie with Chef Capon. We all share the experience of enjoying a steak and juicy ass piece of duck lasagna and about seven bottles of red wine at Bowery Meat Company. And we enjoyed every second of it.

So, yeah, Bowery Meat Company attracts its share of celebrities. But we love that it’s not alienating for regular folk like us. That’s in part because the wait staff is welcoming and the dining room feels more like your rich but hilariously anti-establishment (read: drunk) uncle’s dining room than the conference room-meets-library vibe of most steak restaurants. It’s also not a Meatpacking District club scene, which helps. But the food also contributes to the comfort. From starter to dessert, this restaurant is outrageously good while still feeling approachable.

Will we eat here weekly? Not until we can figure out an appropriate Ponzi scheme/heart donor to make that possible. But will we seize every opportunity to eat duck lasagna with a side of a potential T. Swift sighting? You better believe it.

Food Rundown

Oxtail Arancini

Meaty rice balls that will show up to kick off your meal. You’ll wish you could order more of them off the menu. Maybe if you ask nice, or cause a Kanye-like scene. Your call.

Bowery Meat Company review image

Broiled Oysters

If you’ve ever woken in the middle of the night starving because you just dreamt about eating fancy, deconstructed mozzarella sticks served atop plump baked oysters, this is for you.

Bowery Meat Company review image

Steak Tartare

What kind of animal pregames steak with steak? We do. Dominating the beef circle of life. Share this with your friends and prime your stomach for the marathon.

Bowery Meat Company review image

Duck Lasagna For Two

The chef himself delivers this dictionary-sized cast iron skillet of lasagna. As he quarters and distributes it, the perfectly baked crusty pasta top sizzles while the duck, caciocavallo and Parmesan ooze from the center like molten hot pleasure lava. We recommend sharing this with four people.

Bowery Meat Company review image

The Meats

Honestly, any cut you order will likely be rich, flavorful, and more interesting than the slab of meat and potatoes you’ll find at lesser steak establishments. The short rib, Bowery Steak, and Cote du Boeuf are house favorites.

The Sides

Sorry, Peter Luger. These sides sort of make yours look like they came out of the freezer. Which maybe they did, but you’re an institution so we’re going with it. Either way, you’ve been warned. Bowery Meat Company’s baby carrots, Swiss chard, and hash browns have put you on notice.

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