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Bombay Talkie

We recently checked out Bombay Talkie on a suggestion from a trusted food guru friend. You might have noticed that there are very few Indian restaurants reviewed on this site. Despite having lived in Curry Hill for a few years, we're not exactly experts on Indian cuisine – but chances are good that you aren't either. Somehow in a city where almost everyone you meet is a self-proclaimed "foodie" (thanks for reading), Indian seems to be a cuisine that has been left behind in the trendification (just made that up) of ethnic foods.

Enter Bombay Talkie, a place where you can go have some real deal Indian in a modern and lively setting. The menu is created from the street carts and roadside cafes found all over the Indian country side, and is definitely not the standard chicken tikka masalas and curries that you find on most Indian menus around town. That means incredible flavors and unique dishes without lots of the heavy and pungent spices that turn some people off. The space is appealing and modern, and it's definitely a comfortable place to hang out and throw down a few drinks. Wonderful small plates, friendly service, and a really great list of specialty cocktails round out Bombay Talkie's list of qualifications for it's new designation – official headquarters of the Indian Trendification Movement. Now all we need is a leader. Padma?

Food Rundown:

Vada Pav
A potato "cutlet" essentially on a sandwich. This was a mild and delicious starter, even with the presence of coriander and tamarind.

Long cylinder shaped dosas, almost like a cannelloni. You have the option of potato or lamb, and both are excellent.

Homestyle Chicken
White meat chicken in a tomato based sauce. This sounded a little boring on the menu, but it's actually loaded with complex flavor. I kept going back after this with the naan.

Paneer Tikka Masala
Much like the well known chicken dish, but with the Indian cheese Paneer rather than chicken. The tomato sauce is light and not weighed down by too much cream which can be the case in other Indian establishments. This is nice, but doesn't compete with the other vegetarian dishes we had.

Lamb Chops
Wow. These lamb chops are the Bombay Talkie menu superstar. Incredibly tender chops are marinated in ginger, garlic, and yogurt and grilled to perfection. You are going to want to grab them by the bone and get Fred Flinstone on these.

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