Blind Tiger

We are spoiled in this city...especially when it comes to food, booze, and the general pursuit of things that make us feel good. In a place where pretty much anything you can think of is no further than a cab ride away, it’s easy to become jaded and complain about the few things you can’t get. We have our own list of luxuries that we feel deprived of, and it includes, but is not limited to the following: good Mexican food, streets that don’t smell like pee, and true beer bars that know their sh*t.

Now that we’ve been to Blind Tiger, we will retract that last part. I grew up in Colorado, and went to college in Fort Collins, which is place that several very successful breweries call home. Needless to say, I became accustomed to drinking in bars with incredible beer selections. What I also became accustomed to, was eating some kind of terrible chicken ranch sandwich for dinner in these places, because that’s what you get in Fort Collins (ranch dressing is a religion in this part of the country). What we have found at Blind Tiger is a New York City bar that actually has an extensive microwbrew selection AND excellent food. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones that know it. The place gets very crowded at times, but weekend afternoons are perfect, as are late nights when you need a good beer and a grilled cheese. The wings and sandwiches are also excellent, and it’s a great place to mix it up and meet people. Be warned though - the bar staff know their beer, but they’re not very friendly. We’ll let it slide...but only because there are Colorado brews on the tap every once in a while.

Food Rundown

Hot Wings

We have been pretty vocal about our distaste for most wings that we come across in this town. Blind Tiger’s wings are actually pretty great. Tangy, peppery, and of decent size, we’ll come back just to eat them.

Old School Grilled Cheese

A really great classic grilled cheese. You can even get a bowl of tomato soup with it, just like what I used to have every day after school when l when I was six. Yes, including the beers

Classic BLT

A killer BLT on white toast. We highly recommend this as it’s a prime beer absorbing agent.

Bloody Beast Sandwich

Great name, great sandwich. This is a fist sized roast beef sandwich with cheese, served with a sauce on the side that they call “bloody mary” sauce. I think it’s just a bowl of bloody mary mix, but I am also totally cool with that. Probably because I carry tiny bottles of vodka with me at all times. Order this.

Banh Mi Mini

We’re growing a little tired of the banh mi thing that took over the city last year, but this one is a good snack sized sandwich. But it’s not quite the traditional bahn mi. This one comes on a round crusty roll and has a mango slaw rather than the usual fixins.

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