Blake Lane

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The restaurant reality for those of us on the Upper East Side is pretty bleak. It’s especially painful for those of us who’ve moved up here from greener pastures of high-quality restaurant options. And if there’s one category of restaurant that’s especially lacking on the Upper East Side, it’s the kind-of-healthy, reasonably-priced place you can go to again and again. But Blake Lane is here to change that.

Blake Lane is a fantastic neighborhood spot that’s great for a casual meal and even better via delivery on your couch. The menu is nice and varied - there are gem lettuce salads, chicken salad sandwiches, vegetable bipimbap, tuna tartare toast, and poke - so you won’t ever get bored on your quest to not eat a burger tonight. They do brunch well (when you should get the breakfast tacos), but lunch and dinner are superior.

The restaurant itself is small and generally crowded, but still an ideal meet-a-friend-and-catch-up type of spot, and 100% the kind of place you can come in your gym clothes. In other words, it’s a revelation for the Upper East Side.

Food Rundown

Breakfast Tacos

Our go-to brunch order - solid tacos with light and fluffy eggs. They certainly won’t transport you to Austin, but they’ll get the job done.

Simple Breakfast

Sometimes, eggs, avocado and bacon is all you need. We endorse this order.

Avocado Toast

Blake Lane’s avocado toast is good. Order it but keep it moving onto more important things.

Charred Little Gem

Three gem hearts seasoned with salt and pepper, thrown on the grill, and served with their A+ avocado puree. Simple, yet really damn good.

Little Gem Salad

They really like their gems here, and this is our favorite salad on the menu, with avocado, pickled onion, and a bunch of other stuff that make you excited to eat a salad.


The bowls section of the menu is where you want to focus your attention. Their vegetable bibimbap is a winner, with kimchi, beet-pickled eggs, and a bunch of greens and shredded vegetables over brown rice.

Poke Bowl

An interesting, light, and delicious take on poke. It’s basically a four-part bowl that you mix yourself, with cubes of tuna, black rice, their delicious avocado puree, and diced mango and cucumber. It’s fresh and has all kinds of flavor. Definitely order it.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Finding a good chicken salad sandwich in this city is surprisingly difficult, and despite this being served on a cutesy croissant, it’s incredibly delicious.

Steak Banh Mi

Another excellent sandwich, another excellent lunch or dinner order.

Wild Cod

Blake Lane’s plates section is filled with light, but filling dinner entrees. We’ve had good results with most of them, but our favorite is consistently the cod. The roasted carrot hummus it comes with is great, and the fish is cooked perfectly.

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