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Bellucci’s Pizzeria


Don’t confuse Bellucci’s Pizzeria with Bellucci’s Pizza just a few blocks down the road. Chef Andrew Bellucci left the latter to start his own shop on his own terms, and he took his famous hand-shucked clam pie with him. You’ll have to order 48 hours in advance to try the clam pie, but you can get other pizzas—with dense, fluffy beds of dough sitting atop crispy bottoms—anytime. Bellucci’s nails the crust, but their signature sauces earn them our loyalty. The tomato sauce gets some smokiness from a generous amount of black pepper, and we’d dip anything in that silky vodka sauce just to airlift more of it into our mouths. (In fact, we recommend getting an order of well-seasoned mozzarella sticks to do just that.) Sometimes on slice days (Thursday-Sunday), you’ll see a bit of a line, but if they’ve posted a particularly enticing slice-only option on their Instagram that day, we bet it’ll be worth it.

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