Bar Pisellino

Above all else, Bar Pisellino is an excellent business decision. This Italian bar and cafe is from the team behind Via Carota - and it’s located directly across the street on 7th Avenue. So now, when you’re quoted a two-hour wait at Via Carota, you can walk 20 steps and be in the immediate vicinity of a negroni and some arancini to tide you over. Except, of course, if you have to wait for a table at Bar Pisellino - which is something you should expect at peak times (its full hours are 7am to midnight). But if you’re a fan of Via Carota’s piece-of-Italy-in-the-West-Village experience, you’ll want to check this place out too. It’s like that, but with the addition of sidewalk seating, and a tiny interior that looks like the movie version of an Italian train station in 1942. The menu is short, and consists of snacks that are both very Italian and very small, so this is not a place for a full dinner - it’s a place to stop by during the day, or kick off your night.

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