Bar Glory

Perfect For: Big Groups Date Night Drinks & A Light Bite Eating At The Bar
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Bar Glory is not an easy sell.

For one, it’s in Greenpoint. That alone might be enough for you to disqualify it from your dinner planning.

Still with us?

It’s also in the same building as a nice, but kind of weird hotel that we now keep getting local news-esque YouTube ads for. While Bar Glory’s lighting is low and the ’60s-ish decor is cool, you’re looking into a hotel lobby as you eat your dinner.

Still there?

Good. Because if you can get to Greenpoint, and you can look beyond the hotel setting, you’ll find a restaurant very much worth your time.

Bar Glory is the second spot from the people behind Glasserie, one of Greenpoint’s best-known restaurants. Glasserie’s space is certainly cool, and the food is good - but we prefer Bar Glory. And that’s because the food here is unlike anything else in NYC.

Noah Devereaux

The menu here is a mashup of various Mediterranean and Asian cuisines, and it kicks off with dumplings. Unlike most dumplings you’ve probably eaten lately, these involve pumpkin, ricotta, and spicy apricot, or lamb and pistachio pesto. Each one comes out looking like a giant tortellini pasta sitting in a bath of sauce. You’ll eat it in two bites, and wish you had 12 more. Good news: Bar Glory has anticipated your needs. They also serve big bowls of shrimp dumpling massaman curry, and lamb dumplings with garlic yogurt and chili oil.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, because your first order at Bar Glory should be the poppy seed and onion jam bao. This is a great restaurant, but these are incredible - basically what would happen if a bagel, a bao, and a sticky bun had a baby. They’re the kind of thing you can’t stop thinking about, like that text you sent to the wrong person or the dog you’ll never get. Except instead of landing you in a black hole of Pomeranian Instagram pages, you’ll just want to go back to this restaurant.

Besides the dumplings and bao, there’s also a glass noodle salad with tandoori-spiced yogurt, and grilled lamb ribs covered in an everything-bagel coating, and raw scallops sitting in a funky black vinegar sauce. And a whole fried fish. In other words, this menu is designed to save you from your pasta-pizza-sushi-pasta again boredom. It’s also designed so you could do drinks and snacks or a big group meal and not end up spending a crazy amount - everything here is priced pretty reasonably.

We hope we’ve given you enough material to hard-sell someone on trying Bar Glory with you. But it’s not a bad place to eat alone either. There are only two poppy seed and onion jam bao per order anyway, and you’re going to need both of them.

Food Rundown

Pumpkin, Ricotta, & Spicy Apricot Dumpling

Our preferred form of pumpkin consumption, and our favorite dumplings at Bar Glory.

Lamb & Pistachio Pesto Dumpling

The other dumpling you should be ordering. It’s the same general setup as the pumpkin/ricotta, but with lamb and pistachio pesto.

Shrimp Shu Mai

Looks kinda like Big Bird, tastes like a shrimp dumpling. It’s fine. Go heavy on the other dumplings and bao instead.

Poppy Seed & Onion Jam Bao

Salty, sweet, chewy, doughy little gifts that have become a special kind of addiction for us. Order at least one per person or regret it for the rest of your night.

Scallop With Black Rice Vinegar

They do a few raw bites here, but the scallops are the best of this section. You get a bunch of them, and they come sitting in a funky vinegar sauce and topped with some chiles and casually strewn flowers. Bar Glory loves a casually strewn flower.

Butter Lettuce Salad

If you need a salad on your table, get it with the grilled fish. The greens are super fresh and the fish is nice and grill-y. You know what we mean.

Glass Noodle Salad

All salads should actually be noodle salads. This has a base of tandoori-spiced yogurt and is topped with a pile of noodles, vegetables, and herbs. It’s light and refreshing and will make you want to start growing some mint in your apartment.

Grilled Lamb Ribs

If you’re looking for some extra protein, this is an excellent place to get it. One order comes with two fall-off-the-bone ribs, covered in a seedy coating like an everything bagel.

Lamb Dumpling Bowl

A pile of lamb dumplings sitting in a super rich garlic yogurt sauce, sprinkled with nuts and herbs and chiles and flowers and more things you likely don’t find from your go-to dumpling spot. Get one of these for the table to share - it’s a lot of garlic sauce for one person.

Shrimp Dumpling & Massaman Curry Bowl

Lighter than the lamb dumplings but still super satisfying, you could easily also share this one, but you probably won’t want to. The mix of Thai curry with shrimp dumplings is really great.

Sliced Lamb Kuksu Bowl

Noodles, sliced lamb, broth, and a dinosaur-looking egg. This is probably an excellent thing to eat when it’s eight-layers-of-clothing season, but we’d go for the dumpling bowls over this.

Fried Whole Fish

If there’s a group of you, and you enjoy getting crafty with your dinner, by all means order this. It takes some work to make your own perfect lettuce wraps filled with fried fish, noodles, hot sauce, and herbs, but unlike the 372 emails you responded to today, this is fun work.

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