Bar Corvo

Perfect For: Outdoor/Patio Situation

This one was a bummer. We love Al Di La in Park Slope, it's an incredible neighborhood Italian spot worth taking really slow trains from Manhattan for. Being that Bar Corvo is the follow up from the same team, we had high expectations. Damn you for getting our hopes up, Adrian Grenier.

Apparently the intersection of Crown and Prospect Heights operates on island time, at least that's the vibe we got sitting on the back patio at Bar Corvo. Outdoor reggae jams are the soundtrack to one of most laid back approaches to restaurant service we've seen, well, ever. When I say service was non-existent, we're talking completely absent. Fallen off the face of the earth. It wasn't until we flagged down our server forty-five minutes into our foodless meal, that he realized our order had yet to be put in. A simple mistake, yet compounded by the comedy of additional errors we endured that night, apparently par for the course. It's one thing when you're on vacation, toes in the sand, happily waiting for someone to bring you a Corona and fried conch fritters. It's another when you're in Brooklyn.

The thing we love so much about Al Di La is that it feels so homey and personal. And that's precisely what's missing at Bar Corvo. Ironic, don't you think? It all just seems so formulaic and lacking in heart. If we lived around here, we'd definitely give Bar Corvo another shot, as there are some solid pastas on this menu. However, there is absolutely zero reason to go out of your way to Hit List this one. Even though it's walking distance from Ample Hills Creamery, which, truth be told, is the real reason we came here in the first place. Their Salted Crack Caramel has special magnetic powers.

Food Rundown

Cauliflower Steak
Meet the new kale salad, which was the new heirloom carrots, which was the new brussels sprouts. Cauliflower steaks are the new hot veggie. Any vegetable you have to cut with a sharp knife makes me feel weird, but this steak is probably a lot more healthy then the other kinds. Still, I'd rather eat all of the above. Or a real steak.

Shaved Zucchini Salad
Thin slices of shaved zucchini in a light Italian dressing with a bunch of other veggies. It's not bad, it's just not satisfying. The salads at Al Di La always seem to be fresh and exciting. This one, not so much.

The malfatti pasta is one of their signature pastas at Al Di La, and they re-create it at Bar Corvo, only prepared with walnut pesto instead of brown butter here. I'm not a malfatti expert, so I'm unsure if the swiss chard that's stuffed inside the gnocchi dumplings is always supposed to be raw, but we thought this was simply not good. We were not prepared to bite down on crunch, we were ready for a mushy, soft textured pasta. The result was a full plate of cold pasta left in front of us, which our server didn't even bother to ask about, just shuffled away from the table and into the garbage. That's a pet peeve. If you leave a dish full, ask if they liked it. Malfatti rant = over.

Semolina Gnocchi
Now we're talking! If only everything was as good as the semolina gnocchi, this review would be in the 8's. Smashed gnocchi with a crisp top, almost like a lasagna dumpling, with oxtail ragu and pecorino. This was absolutely delicious.

Roasted Amish Chicken
This plate of chicken looks like one you'd come home from college to, sitting in Mom's fridge smiling at you. It's mashed up with onions, garlic and croutons with some nasty tasting grilled radicchio which should enter no one's mouth. Whatever though, it still gets the job done.

Heritage Pork Chop
It's always a good sign when a chop cuts more like beef than pork. This chop, while not overly stimulating, is solid. A hearty bone in pig steak, super juicy, drizzled with horseradish and served with braised kale and creamy polenta. A sizable meal for a growing human.

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