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Bar Bolonat

We love it when we find a restaurant with more than just a few signature dishes that make it worthwhile. Our favorite places are the ones in which you can just close your eyes and blindly point to an item on the menu, knowing that something good is going to end up on your table. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen very often. And when it does, it's worth talking about. Bar Bolonat, let's discuss your encouraging predicament.

Bar Bolonat is a new modern Israeli restaurant in the West Village from the owners of Taim and Balaboosta, and it f*cking rules. The Mediterranean food here is consistently excellent, with frisky flavor combinations that are equal parts satisfying and delicious - lots of yogurt, lots of spiced meats, and lots of vegetables. And yes, Balaboosta fans, fried olives too. The menu here is set up nicely to share, and we were impressed with the consistency -everything we ate was excellent, and nothing in particular stood out as a singular can't miss order. It was simply a great meal from start to finish.

The restaurant itself is impressive too, with a good vibe, friendly people, and a big bar worthy of dining on. Also, there's a private room downstairs that can seat up to 20, which is important to consider if you're looking for a place to host a big group dinner.

Food Rundown

Jerusalem Bagel

A big flat bagel, which doubles as table bread. Start your meal off on the right foot.

Balaboosta Fried Olives

Fried olives on a bed of labne. You're going to want to order these.

Japanese Eggplant

Thick strips of eggplant dressed with a bit of sheep's milk yogurt, orange, and a bunch of herbs and spices. Very flavorful and very awesome.

Asparagus & Ramps

Probably just asparagus when it's not spring, but a good vegetable option nonetheless.

Green Fatush

The classic Mediterranean salad, done right at Bar Bolonat, and with some new ingredients like arugula and avocado. Approved.

Zabzi Tagine

Basically, a small shot of the best short rib you'll ever eat. These things are out of this world. The meat is actually beef cheek, which is beyond tender and practically melts on your fork before you can get it in your mouth. We ordered a second after taking the first round to the house.

Hudson Street Kibbeh

What Stang likes to call a Lebanese Hot Pocket (as long as his Lebanese grandmother doesn't read this), stuffed with spicy beef and pine nuts. These are really awesome.

Hand Cut Pasta

A nice light pasta entree, with fresh cut pappardelle and a yogurt ricotta sauce.

Lamb Belly & Shoulder

An excellent plate of lamb parts, with plenty of bells and whistles to keep things both interesting and delicious. We loved the addition of pickled chickpeas and candied fennel to cut the fat from the belly. If you're a big fan of lamb, you'll be a big fan of this dish.


Bar Bolonat's chicken entree is both the most popular and most photographed dish at the restaurant, as one might expect when it looks like this. This bird is beautifully presented, and tastes as good as it looks.


Holy sh*t, order the Halva Creme Brûlée. It's out of this world. The Chocolate Falafel balls are pretty stellar as well.

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