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$$$$(212) 941-5060
Hours:TUESDAY5:00PM to 12:00AM

Though the food at Bacaro is pretty good, it’s the kind of place you come to for the atmosphere. There is a small upstairs bar with tables, but under no circumstances should you pass up an opportunity to eat in the downstairs basement, or what I like to call the “Dungeon of Romance" - exposed brick, crystal chandeliers, one large white candle on each table.

The menu is technically small plate Italian, but the plates aren’t really all that small. About four dishes for a table of two is a good approach. Anything with a vegetable is a solid choice, but the pastas are hit and miss.

Food Rundown


A steamed and stuffed artichoke with some delicious bread crumb and cheese filling in the center. This is an excellent way to kick off a meal.

Asparagi Con Uovo

Fresh asparagus with a soft baked egg and cheese, this is a big serving, probably too much for two. A good option for 3 or more.


These are “spicy fried meatballs” and they are definitely spicy and definitely fried. They’re about the size of a Junior Mint ... a delicious meat Junior Mint.

Gnocchi con Funghi

This was a very disappointing gnocchi. The pasta looked like scallops, and the texture wasn’t far off. A bit chewy and very dense. Not recommended.


Razor clams aren’t on too many menus, and I think it’s probably a difficult thing to do well. These have been given the right treatment – white wine and lemon make makes this a bright and tasty dish.

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