Ambrose Beer and Lobster

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As The Seaport continues to show signs of new life, a couple restaurants have opened that you'll want to know about, should you find yourself in the area. Ambrose Beer and Lobster, which is centrally located right in the heart of the Fulton Street action, is one of them.

The place is a giant two floor beer hall that looks like something Brother Jimmy's and Red Lobster would produce if they decided to fornicate, so to say we were skeptical of Ambrose is an understatement. What can we say, the Seaport's reputation of many years of terrible restaurants precedes itself.

Much to our surprise, Ambrose is way better than we expected. The lobster roll gets a solid B+, and we were impressed with some of the other fairly priced seafood as well. They have enough craft beers on tap to combat all the Bud Light, and their brown liquor collection is expansive. Pick a bourbon, any bourbon - there's a very good chance Ambrose carries it.

The place gets slammed on weekends when it's nice out, and is a big time after work hang for the FiDi crowd, thanks to the massive outdoor patio situation right in the middle of the Seaport. Do be prepared for slow service, as this restaurant is severely understaffed for the kind of foot traffic it receives.

Regardless, Ambrose is a great spot to stop by for a beer and a lobster roll as you attempt to dodge tourists with massive cameras who are probably still trying to find the entrance to The Bodies exhibit even though it closed two years ago. Hey, it was a good run.

Food Rundown

New England Clam Chowder

A chunky chowder that's really thick, with big chunky potatoes. It kind of reminds us of Campbell's, but in a good way somehow.

Watermelon & Feta Salad

Big chunks of watermelon dressed in balsamic and drizzled with feta. A very nice beer drinking compliment.

Lobster Roll

At first glance, the giant bun looked too big. But upon first bite, you realize that the bun is the secret sauce here. It's SO soft. And drenched - like completely soaked through - with butter, which makes it glorious. The big chunks of lobster are tasty, a little slippery, but nicely seasoned and all together, this roll comes together very nicely. I love lobster rolls and I'm very excited to eat this one again.

Lobster Grilled Cheese

It's not everyday you have the opportunity to stuff your grilled cheese with lobster, so take advantage of the situation.

Lobster Salad

A big bowl of greens, vegetables, mangos, and of course, lobster, because that's what they do here.

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