Alta Linea

Perfect For: Outdoor/Patio Situation People Watching Scoping Hot Girls/Guys

Wouldn't it be nice if we were all lucky enough to have a tree-lined outdoor patio attached to our Manhattan apartments, that we could decorate with expensive teak furniture from Restoration Hardware and where we could host our friends over for BBQ's and frozen drinks all summer long? Unfortunately, that isn't the reality for most of us. Dare to dream, and keep on fantastically pinning. That "Dream Houses" board is looking good. Until our collective urban living fantasies come true, let's just use the Highline Hotel's new facilities instead.

We're fans of Highline Hotel and its cool Game Of Thrones meets upstate New York vibe, so we were glad to see them add Alta Linea, a new al fresco-only restaurant in the cavernous hotel's courtyard. Alta Linea is run by the same team behind Infatuation favorites L'Artusi and dell'anima. Considering it's only a seasonal restaurant, we were a bit skeptical that the food might suck, but fear not, outdoor eaters, they didn't mail this one in. They did leave the pasta off the menu though, which is a bit troubling.

The EEEEEATS here are quite impressive, worthy of either a couple small plates with your cocktails, or a full blown sit down meal. There's an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs in a lovely courtyard, and there's also a tree-lined garden with standing tables. It doesn't feel like NYC, and we like that. Pro tip: don't roll up to the bar thinking you can get a drink, that's just a service bar. You have to wait for a server to come by, which is the one frustrating part about the set up of this place. The not frustrating part? Alta Linea's now famous frozen negroni. Now, back to that Pinterest board.

Food Rundown

Frozen Negroni

When you come to Alta Linea, you're drinking frozen negronis. That's the deal.

Grilled Summer Beans

They cook good greens at Alta Linea. Go big on the beans. It's a string bean salad with chilies, feta, pine nuts, and mint in a lemon vinaigrette. You are

Crispy Artichokes

For real, these are the best crispy artichokes we've ever had. They're breaded up and all kinds of crispy, addicting, and fun to eat. Definitely order these.


The burrata at dell'anima is incredible, but they take Alta Linea's is even better. A tender ball of cheesy candy rests on a tomato and roasted garlic sauce and served with buttered up, toasted sourdough. Next level. Order it.

Charred Shishito Peppers

Again, they do green swell. Order the peppers, they come with a side of romesco sauce.

“Borough Market” Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese turned up to 10. The toast is stuffed with white cheddar, gruyere, onions and scallions. Especially good after multiple cocktails.

Alta Linea Burger

Very good burger with cheddar, bacon and pickles. Not one we'd necessarily come back for, but it'll get the job done.


You can also drink other cocktails. And beer.

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