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124 Bedford Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Allswell is one of our favorite places for a quick, casual meal along the L. It has a bar where you can sit if you don’t want to stare directly into this person’s eyes, and the menu includes one of the best burgers in the entire city (which is exactly what you should be ordering). You’ll enjoy it even if you’re only half-listening to what your friend is saying about his old boss’ former dogwalker’s divorce.

Allswell is a neighborhood pub on Bedford Ave that looks like something you’d find in a small English town where people wear plaid and assume it’s going to rain every day. It’s a one-room space with mismatched wallpaper and a chandelier, and you can either bring someone and sit at one of the tables or just grab a seat at the bar and eat one of NYC’s best burgers. They also make a good chicken burger, as well as some healthier things like a grain bowl.

After many months (and unfriending each other’s moms on Facebook), things finally feel good between you two. It’s all fine, you’re just two adults who used to sleep together and no longer choose to do that. Allswell is the perfect place to keep things from turning into a big deal. It’s a half-bar-half-restaurant right by the Bedford stop in Williamsburg, and it’s usually easy to get into. The best thing on the menu is their classic burger (but there are some good vegetable dishes too, like the tomato salad and the crispy sourdough with spicy edamame), but maybe get two instead of splitting one.

Sure, maybe you packed good snacks, but you’re still going to need a good dinner afterwards. You’re just a couple of blocks from one of the best burgers around at Allswell. Already tried the burger? Get the fried chicken sandwich - it’s just as good.

One of our Williamsburg standbys, Allswell is a very solid go-to for a sit-down lunch. The fried chicken sandwich is a standout, but should you need something healthier they’ve got that too.

Play it safe at Allswell, and grab a seat at the bar. That way, you won’t necessarily have to eat a whole meal. Maybe you’ll want to, maybe you won’t. There’s always a chance that the person you’re going out with will only want to talk about the importance of recycling toenail clippings as fertilizer, so you don’t want to lock yourself into anything. If things go well, however, you can have a good burger and a few drinks in this dark little space in Williamsburg that’s suitably romantic.

Allswell is a very nice neighborhood pub on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, and the bar seats here are valuable real estate. There are only about 10 of them, and you should do your best to claim one the next time you make it through a long day solely by thinking about what you’re going to eat for dinner. The burger is the best thing here, so you aren’t missing out if you come alone and only want to get one thing.

Maybe it’s a first date, maybe it’s a first dinner date, or maybe you’ve been dating the same person for nearly a decade and you both want to get of your apartment and eat one of the best burgers in the city. Whatever the situation, Allswell will probably work very well. It’s a charming tavern-like spot on the main stretch of Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, and it’s decorated like the home you’d like to own in Woodstock. The menu has plenty of things besides the burger, like pasta, grilled chicken, and a whole trout.

When will the brunch bubble burst? We can’t as a society go on like this - making our entire weekend plans around it, waiting three hours for it, going hangry for it. But in the meantime, you’ll find us brunching at places where the meal feels less like an event and more like a, well, meal. Brunch at Allswell is something you can just show up for - excessive planning/strategizing not required. You might have to wait a bit - but never too long - and the menu is an appealing mix of breakfast-y and lunch-y options.

You’ve just been out running, the same way people have been running for tens of thousands of years (but with more clothing and better shoes), and now you want to sit down and eat something with your hands, just like your cave person ancestors did. This something should be a burger - and you should get it at Allswell. This neighborhood pub makes an excellent burger with a thick patty, sharp cheddar, and a good sesame bun, and it’s exactly what you’ll want to eat after running either one or 20 miles.

At Allswell, you can sit in a dark room and eat a mound of ground beef between two buns. There’s other stuff too, like chicken or trout - but these guys are mostly known for their burgers and fried chicken sandwiches. The food here is better than the stuff at your average pub, and it’s one of the less crazy places on Bedford Ave.

Allswell feels like the kind of cozy tavern you’d find in a ski town, only it’s in the middle of Williamsburg. We always keep it in mind for casual dinners, especially those requiring a cheeseburger, and it even works for a date. So if you’re dining solo, or just want a low-key place to have a great meal, come here.

This Williamsburg spot has brunch delivery, to-go frozen cocktails, and a bunch of other specials. Stay updated on their Instagram page.

Allswell serves straightforward and delicious food in a tavern-like environment. The fried chicken sandwich is amazing, and you can only order it during the day. That’s the only reason you need to hit this place for brunch.

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