Al Naimat

Al Naimat is the sort of place where we’d unironically stick a “Good Vibes Only” sign on the wall. Everything about the bustling dining room, the chalkboard full of colorful illustrations, and the sparkly glass case of sweets makes this place a good hang. They’ve also got a menu with the word count of a novella, so there’s something for everyone. Start with some crispy pakoras and chaat—we always get the golguppa platter with crispy puris and perfectly spiced water—before moving on to a kebab roll, daal gosht, and falooda for dessert (ask for it with kulfi). Adding to the fun is a fusion menu with things like chicken tikka tacos and naan burgers, which consist of two adorably small rounds of fluffy naan with a beef patty in between. Al Naimat does a better job with their traditional dishes, but we appreciate the novelty.

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