Ace's Pizza

There are things you need to experience before you die. One is falling in love, and another is eating Detroit-style pizza. Ace’s has some of the best in the city. This outpost is located on the concourse at Rockefeller Center, and just like their original Williamsburg restaurant, it’s filled with retro items like stacks of VHS tapes and a not-so-flat TV playing Beavis and Butt-Head. Varieties like vodka meatball and buffalo chicken are available, but we prefer plain cheese. The thick, deep brown, crispy burnt cheese edges will make you wonder why no one has started a burnt cheese breadstick business. If you’re sharing with a friend, hoard the corner slices for maximum edge crust consumption. There’s room for about eight people to stand, and all of the pizzas are baked to order, so you won’t get your food quickly. They’re worth the wait.

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