Acapulco Deli

Perfect For: Cheap Eats Dining Solo

We take restaurant recommendations from a handful of trusted sources. Friends, family, the internet (that's you!), Pat Kiernan. But when the tip comes from another respected restaurant? Straight to the top of the Hit List. To risk losing us as customers so we can enjoy a meal and spend our money elsewhere -that's the stuff of angels. Generous, delicious angels.

And that's how we learned about Acapulco Deli and Restaurant. On a trip to Mexico 2000- another excellent, low-key Mexican spot in Brooklyn - we were told that we had to try this Greenpoint mainstay. The lady making us tacos literally told us we needed to taste the tacos at another place. You just don't look that type of free taco intel in the face.

So of course we went. And then we went back. And then we went back six(teen) more times. At this point, we've gone full blown pregnant lady on this place, with sudden, FEED ME cravings that only this menu can satisfy.

Out of nowhere, Acapulco Deli has become one of our most reliable Mexican spots. For the food, of course, but also for the fact that we can use it for so many meals. First time through, we were five men lining the lunch counter. Next, I came +1 and took a table for a low-key Date Night. After that, I showed up and ate a solo Mexican breakfast. Each visit we were fully taken care of and each visit we had an excellent meal.

So thanks for the recommendation, nice taco lady. We owe you one. Or six(teen). Whatever.

Food Rundown


Moses. The chips, which are excellent on their own, are laid on top of beans, and then covered with cheese, before being set under the broiler. They come out all sortsa gooey-melted and are then topped with lettuce, pico, jalapeƱos and your meat of choosing. Reread that rundown. The beans on the bottom make them equal parts sloppy and incredible. And you should be licking your fingers with this dish anyway, so whatever. Beyond beyond.


Compared to your normal taqueria, these are massive. MASSIVE. Which is why they are $6-7. But an order comes with two, which is enough food for a normal lunch. Double tortilla, onions and cilantro, and a heavy heap of steak, al pastor, spicy meat, whatever. Good value, good charred meat.


Can't tell you the last time we gave a sh*t about fajitas but this place does them right. Go with the mixed chicken and steak. The meat is tender and the peppers and onions are cooked perfectly.


The lone disappointment from our visits. With no sopes, the huaraches figure to be the next best thing. Except they aren't. The refried beans lack flavor, and they are entirely unwieldy. No need for these with so many other heavy hitters in the park.

Carne Asada

Can go simple here, too. Thin steak pressed on the grill, solid rice and beans, bingo bango doesn't have to be any more than that. (But like, the nachos....)

Mexican Soda

Because they're full of sugar and sugar is delicious.

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