Whenever you’re fiending for a premium cold brew or single-origin coffee from a curated lineup of roasters, 9Tails Coffee Shop is the place to go. Owner John Cho is Korean American and decided on the name 9Tails as a nod to the nine-tailed fox spirit in East Asian folklore, a benevolent shapeshifting creature and considered a good omen as a result of great longevity. Cho’s drink menu includes seasonal drinks like calpico frescas or yuzu citron iced tea during warmer months along with a selection of baked goods, including a homemade Bourbon apple cake - make sure to get there early before it runs out. The shop is located on a quiet residential street in Central Harlem and recently expanded within the adjacent hardware and supply store, Mushtari. Pleasantly distracted by the abundance of plants for sale, it’s impossible to not smile here, especially after you spot the framed portrait of Cookie Monster sitting by the register. Currently 9Tails has limited indoor dining and takeout Monday to Sunday from 8am-5pm.

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