29B Teahouse is a tea room located in the East Village. Run by Shin Won-Yoon, who is Korean and co-owner of 29B Teahouse with her husband Stefen Ramirez, the tea room is meant to be a social and interactive setting vs. the traditional tea ceremony, although they do try to keep the reverence close to Korean tea traditions. As tea dealers, they import a variety of single-origin, natural agriculture-conscious teas sourced from farms in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, India, and China. If you let them know what you’re in the mood for, they will curate an experience that will leave a lasting impression as it did for me - I ordered a refreshing iced Sejak green tea that helped me slow down from a long bike ride. On your way out, there’s a whole corner dedicated to beautiful ceramics and glassware handcrafted by contemporary Japanese and Korean artists to peruse. Indoor dining is available Thursday and Friday from 4-11pm, Saturday from 12-11pm, and Sunday from 2-8pm.

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