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Ricas Pupusas & Mas review image

NYC Review

Ricas Pupusas & Mas

At this casual Salvadoran spot in Woodside you’ll find excellent pupusas, tacos, and tamales.

Renee’s Kitchenette & Grille review image

NYC Review

Renee’s Kitchenette & Grille

Renee’s is one of our favorite places to eat Filipino food in Woodside’s Little Manila.

Ihawan review image

NYC Review


Ihawan in Woodside is one of the best Filipino BBQ spots in NYC.

SriPraPhai review image

NYC Review


SriPraPhai is a Woodside favorite that’s been serving some of NYC’s best Thai food for over two decades.

Red Ribbon review image

NYC Review

Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon is a Filipino bakery in Woodside that makes an incredible sans rival cake.

Amazing Grace review image

NYC Review

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is a Filipino bakery in Woodside with excellent pandesal. Get there early before they sell out.

Phil-Am Food Mart review image

NYC Review

Phil-Am Food Mart

Phil-Am Food Mart is a Filipino grocery store and bakery in Woodside. Make sure to stock up on sapin-sapin while you're there.

Kape't Torta review image

NYC Review

Kape't Torta

Kape't Torta is a Filipino Bakery in Woodside with great cakes and super strong coffee.

Kapamilya review image

NYC Review


Kapamilya is a turo-style Filipino spot in Woodside with excellent pastries.

El Nuevo Izalco review image

NYC Review

El Nuevo Izalco

El Nuevo Izalco is a Salvadoran spot in Woodside with very solid pupusas.

Kusina Pinoy Bistro review image

NYC Review

Kusina Pinoy Bistro

Kusina Pinoy Bistro is a fun place to eat sisig and giant calamari in Woodside.

Tito Rad’s Grill & Restaurant review image

NYC Review

Tito Rad’s Grill & Restaurant

Tito Rad’s in Woodside serves some of the best Filipino food in the area.

Where To Eat Outside In Woodside & Sunnyside guide image

NYC Guide

Where To Eat Outside In Woodside & Sunnyside

The best restaurants and bars open for outdoor dining in Woodside and Sunnyside.

Aubergine Cafe review image

NYC Review

Aubergine Cafe

Aubergine Cafe in Sunnyside is a great place to eat desserts and drink sangria in Queens.

La Flor review image

NYC Review

La Flor

La Flor is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Queens.

The Beerkeeper review image

NYC Review

The Beerkeeper

Despite the objectively great name, The Beerkeeper also serves wine and cocktails. It’s a good spot for a casual drink, and it even works for a date.

Jollibee review image

NYC Review


Jollibee is a Filipino fast food chain, and it’s ideal for when you want some fried chicken with a side of spaghetti covered in a sweet tomato sauce.

Thailand’s Center Point review image

NYC Review

Thailand’s Center Point

Thailand’s Center Point is an excellent family-run spot in Woodside. Stop by with a friend or two, and get the crispy papaya salad.