Where To Pick Up Lunch In Tribeca

The best sandwiches, salads, and takeout situations in the area.

Tribeca is full of places suitable for three martini lunches, but quick, quality workday pickup? Harder to come by. Here are some favorites.

The Spots

What you'll find at this spot right outside the Franklin St. 1 stop: baristas with fairly ridiculous mustaches, excellent coffee, nice salads and sandwiches, and a beautifully-designed space. This place is great.

Café Clementine

$$$$(212) 965-0909

For quick, to-go sandwiches without a wait, Cafe Clementine's your spot.

Tribeca moms roll deep at this spot where you can combine platters of things like roasted cauliflower and sweet potato and quinoa salad. It's kind of like a fancier Dig Inn.

This one's an (oddly) little-known secret. Puffy's Tavern, a nondescript bar on Hudson, serves sandwiches from Alidoro, a little shop in Soho with delicious Italian sandwiches and service that ranges from gruff to straight up angry. Here, it's only delicious sandwiches.

Dirty Bird To Go

$$$$(212) 964-3284

Winner winner chicken... lunch. Get the kale salad with pulled roast chicken, and a chicken finger on the side.

No one competes with Sweetgreen when it comes to daytime salads. If you work in the area, consider yourself lucky to be in the vicinity.

Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery

$$$$(212) 309-7555

The most important thing about Birdbath Bakery is the chocolate chip cookie, but they do salads and sandwiches at lunch. Get a chocolate chip cookie afterwards. (Note: closed on weekends.)

Zucker's Bagels and Smoked Fish

$$$$(212) 608-5844

As the name should indicate, this is a bagels and lox shop. There's no pickled radish and beet-cured lox here, just the classics. Solid deli sandwiches, too.

Grandaisy Bakery

$$$$(212) 334-9435

Grandaisy specializes in little flatbreads, mostly topped with vegetables. The square piece of cauliflower or sweet potato "pizza" you never knew you needed (or even remotely wanted).



There's one reason to visit the new outpost of this Red Hook-based bakery on during lunch hours and that is: crazy ass toasts. So many toasts.

When you want to mix it up a little, hit this Japanese bakery for lunch. You'll find stuff like a spicy salmon sushi roll, but on white bread.


$$$$(212) 226-7900

Simply put, kind of the only place to get a decent slice of pizza around here.

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