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Where To Eat Lunch Around NYU

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Where To Eat Lunch Around NYU

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When you’re around the NYU/Washington Square Park area, your quality EEEEEATS options are pretty much endless, and yet it’s still possible to feel like you have no good ideas when it comes to where to get lunch. We struggle with it daily, what with Infatuation HQ being in the neighborhood. But we all deserve better than Fresh & Co. and Chipotle, so whether you’re a student, work in the area, or are just passing through on your way to, we don’t know, see the Blue Man Group, here are some reasonably priced spots to get into your rotation.

The Spots


Otafuku x Medetai

220 E 9th St

This little spot on 9th Street is arguably the city's best place to get fried octopus balls and okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake. We're not sure how stiff the competition is in that game, but it's definitely a welcome departure from your "just salad" routine.


The Grey Dog

90 University Pl

At least half of the people sitting in Grey Dog at any given time are NYU kids, probably because it’s pretty damn cozy and the sweet potato fries have the potential to change lives. Or at least cure the results of an ill-advised trip to Bar None.



120 W 3rd St

This West Village spot serves oatmeal topped with parmesan and olive oil. And bacon. WHAT.



535 Laguardia Pl

When you’re craving a burger and fries but don’t want to feel like taking a three-hour nap after you eat, hit up Bareburger. You can eat a cheeseburger, but still tell your mom you’ve been eating “organic.”


Dorado Tacos

28 E 12th St

Dorado is certainly in the running for the neighborhood’s best tacos, with their fish tacos in the MVP spot. They do all the typical Mexican street food options well too, from quesadillas to guacamole.


Somehow, some way, Mimi Cheng heard our rallying cry for a “trendy” dumpling spot in the East Village and made it happen. Seasonal dumpling specials, market vegetables, and DESSERT DUMPLINGS (yes, they really exist). Hit Mimi’s midday when the line won’t be around the corner.


Bluestone Lane has got this Australian coffee thing down with their cafe on Greenwich Ave. Not only is it absurdly “cute” and filled with excellent hot beverages, but Bluestone’s “Avocado Smash” puts other avocado toasts to shame. Take photo, consume.


If you’re going to eat a burrito, there’s absolutely no reason for you to spend your dollars eating anywhere else besides Taqueria Diana. You can also spend $12 and get enough delicious nachos to feed you for a month.


Ray's Pizza

2 Saint Marks Pl

There are probably 3,000 variations of “Ray’s Pizza” across Manhattan, and here’s another one. The pizza here isn’t worth it in a sober state of mind, but the bagel sandwiches are. With a classic bacon, egg, and cheese or a chicken cutlet sandwich on a roll, Ray’s knows what’s up.


Mamoun's Falafel

22 Saint Marks Pl

Mamoun’s has been around forever, and you can get one of the city’s better falafel for $3.50. Pretty much all you need to know.


B & H Dairy

127 2nd Ave

You could walk by B&H a thousand times and easily miss it, but this old school lunch counter is an ace stop for matzo ball soup, tuna salad sandwiches, and grilled cheese. Your socialist professor who’s lived on 7th Street since 1973 probably hangs out here.


Fresco Gelateria

138 2nd Ave

You probably know about Fresco for its homemade gelato. What you probably didn’t know is that they serve lunch, and it’s great. Healthy salads, sandwiches, and soups with fresh ingredients all come at a very reasonable price, and the people are very nice. We hit this often.


The music is far too loud at Think Coffee for a human being to actually do any thinking, let alone get something done. But in no way should that stop you from going there to grab lunch and pretending to be productive while watching dudes in clear frame plastic glasses work on their “startups.” Order the brie and turkey sandwich, and get it heated.

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