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The Midtown Delivery Guide

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It’s 12:30pm. You could eat your elbow you’re so hungry. You don’t have time before your next meeting to step into the outside world. You can’t bring yourself to order your go-to Pad Thai for the third time this week. And there’s a 98% chance you’ll poke your eyeballs out if you have to scroll through never-ending pages of delivery options right now.

This is a crisis situation. But it can be avoided. We’ve done the work of gathering up Midtown’s best delivery spots for you - now all you have to do is point and click.

Now place your order and pull yourself together.

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The Spots



Times Square
136 W. 46th St.

Margon is a little slice of comfort in the middle of the Elmo-filled Midtown. But if you can’t make it out to this no-frills Latin American cafeteria, the godsend that is delivery can transport it to your desk. The Cuban sandwich is truly excellent, but we also like the roast and fried chicken plates.

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Go! Go! Curry!

273 W 38th St

No matter how badly you screwed up your presentation, or how hungover you feel, or how many spreadsheets you have to finish before you can leave for the day, at least you know you can always get yourself some comfort food. And Go Go Curry does it better than most - Japanese Curry, which is essentially breaded and fried chicken or pork on top of some of the richest gravy you’ll eat. It’s definitely bad for your body, but good for your mental health.

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19 W 46th St

For times when you’re going to turn into an HR nightmare if you don’t get food immediately, there’s Akdeniz. It’s a reliable spot for satisfying, tasty Mediterranean food that gets to you fast. We like the Greek salad, fries, and hummus.

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Beyond Sushi

62 W 56th St

Trying to keep things healthy, but really can’t put kale anywhere near your mouth today? Beyond Sushi is an excellent go-to for such situations. This is vegan sushi, and while we fully understand why you would be skeptical of such a thing you should know that it’s actually really good. Order it with confidence.

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60 W 23rd St

Eating healthy is great. Until it’s 10:30am and that hard boiled egg you were so full from an hour ago is a mere memory and now you’re absolutely starving. Instead of stuffing the nearest croissant you can find down your throat, summon your will power and order a smoothie from Terri. We’re not completely sold on the food from this vegan spot, but the blended fruit creations are quite good - and will hold you over nicely until lunch.

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The Kati Roll Company

49 W 39th St

A severely underappreciated element of any good lunch: mobility. You’re busy, you’re running from meeting to meeting, and one hand is constantly on a cell phone. That only leaves one other hand for eating. Which can be accomplished with a Kati Roll, an Indian flat bread stuffed with vegetables, spices, meats, and cheeses. You’ll probably need a couple to be really full, but they’re also affordable.

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Go to Omar’s on any given weekday and you will be confronted with the kind of line you’d expect to see at a place serving rainbow bagels, not chicken shawarma. But the people lining up are here for the excellent, fresh, affordable Mediterranean food - and you can skip the line by ordering it to your office. The Adana platter (protein with two sides, sauce, and pita) is what you want.

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230 Park Ave

If you had told us (or probably anyone) five years ago that the official pizza of Bushwick would be available for you to order to your Midtown desk, we would have laughed in your face. But now that dream (or nightmare, depending on who you ask) is a reality, thanks to Roberta’s existence in UrbanSpace Vanderbilt. This is the mic drop of Midtown delivery.

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Mile End Delicatessen

230 Park Ave

You know that kid in elementary school who always had the best lunches? You always wished your mom would pack you Lunchables too. Now you’re a grown-up, and our job is to make sure you always have the best grown-up lunches. Like Mile End. Elementary school you would be proud.

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Photo: Ryan Muir

Num Pang Sandwich Shop

148 W 48th St

The Cambodian sandwich shop gets ridiculously packed during lunch hours, so save your time and order online instead. We enjoy the pork or brisket sandwiches best, which are delicious, but messy. Plan accordingly - you’ll probably enjoy this a lot more if you don’t have to eat it in front of your boss.

Seamless Link - 148 W. 48th St.

Seamless Link - 140 E. 41st


Little Collins is a great Midtown spot to pop into for coffee, food, and friendly Australians, but it's worth knowing they'll also bring that food to your cubicle. We like the sandwiches and the avocado toast, and the pastries (particularly the Almond Croissant) are great for an afternoon pick-me-up after that soul-sucking meeting.

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Photo: Ashley Sears

Zucker's Bagels & Smoked Fish

370 Lexington Ave

Remember when you took that third shot of Fireball at the office happy hour last night? Well, actually, maybe you don’t. But what you do need to know is that Zuckers makes a bagel sandwich that will get you through the morning.

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Sophie's Cuban Cuisine

21 W 45th St

We wouldn’t recommend ordering Sophie’s unless you can count on your ability to find an empty office (or an empty below-desk space) to take a nap in afterwards. That said, the Cuban food is consistently delicious, and it delivers well. Know you should ask for at least eight green sauces with your order (you’ll probably only need four, but we like to be safe).

Seamless Link - 21 W. 45th St.

Seamless Link - 369 Lexington Ave.


Taqueria Tehuitzingo

578 9th Ave

Finding a good taco spot anywhere in NYC isn't easy, which is why we’re especially impressed to have tracked one down in Hell’s Kitchen. Tehuitzingo serves almost twenty different types of tacos, but definitely start with the al pastor.

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Pio Pio

604 10th Ave

If you’re not already on the Pio Pio train, your delivery routine is about to improve dramatically. The Peruvian food is solid across the board, but the rotisserie chicken is the real standout here.

Pio Pio Delivery Website



246 E 51st St

Amma is an excellent Indian restaurant serving some of the best delivery in the area. While it's not the cheapest option, you get what you pay for - the portions are good and the quality is high. We’d recommend any of the vegetarian options.

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Baby Bo's

627 2nd Ave

Mexican takeout is a great idea in theory, but often a disappointment in reality. Baby Bos, however, is an exception to that general rule, with generous portions and quick delivery times (so that BBQ Duck Burrito doesn’t end up soggy by the time it gets to your desk). If you feel the need to attempt a healthy lunch, we can’t say the tostada salad is your key to total success, but it's a good start.

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A healthy, Asian-inspired diner, Mooncake Foods has a few locations throughout the city, all serving the same reliable menu. The miso salmon platter is an excellent bet - plan on covering your order with their special green sauce, a fantastic garlic-jalapeno concoction that Mooncake makes in-house. The wonton soup and whitefish salad banh mi (which may be the only one of its kind) are advisable options as well.

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28 W 56th St

Sushiya isn't the place where you'll get a 3 rolls for $11 special - but on a day you're willing to spend a little more than average, it's our midtown sushi delivery go-to.

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Another quality sushi option where you can expect fresh fish. If you're a lunch special type, they have some pretty good (though still not exactly cheap) options in that category.

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18 E 39th St

This classic Soho panini shop opened an outpost near Grand Central, and we're extremely pleased about that. The sandwiches tend to revolve around combinations of prosciutto, smoked chicken, and mozzarella, but there are vegetarian options as well.

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Glaze knows the secret: put a tasty, quality protein (steak, salmon, chicken breast, tofu) over some rice, and people will be pleased.

Seamless Link - 60 W. 56th St.

Seamless Link - 638 Lexington Ave.


Naya Express

54 W 56th St

A Lebanese take on the build-your-own concept, Naya Express lets you build your own pita, platter, or salad, and all are excellent and reasonably priced. Options include beef or chicken shawarma, beef or lamb kebab, grilled chicken, ground lamb and beef, or falafel. Sides of hummus, eggplant, grape leaves, and more are available too.

Seamless Link - 54 W. 56th St.

Seamless Link - 688 3rd Ave.


GRK Fresh Greek - Midtown East

451 Lexington Ave

Another entrant in the the "Bowls, Platters, and Salads" category of restaurant, GRK serves simple Greek-inspired food near Grand Central. We like the Yeero plate with spicy tzatziki, as well as the Greek salad with chicken. They also serve Greek frozen yogurt. Just saying.

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Talent Thai Kitchen

210 E 34th St

The usual Thai food delivery offerings, done better than usual. Everything is fresh and tasty, but do plan ahead - delivery can take a while. Our favorites are the green curry, spicy basil noodles, and squid Pad Thai. Yes, squid. Step outside your delivery comfort zone.

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113 E 31st St

Being hangry at 1:30pm on a Tuesday when you’re also trying to be healthy is a tricky situation. Take control and order from Natureworks. This place is all about good, simple, healthy food, with plenty of protein-centric and vegetarian options. Reward yourself for your good decisions with a smoothie.

Seamless Link - 113 E. 31st St.

Seamless Link - 43 W. 55th St.

Seamless Link - 144 W. 37th St.


Go Noodle

1069 1st Ave

In a neighborhood overrun with subpar Chinese take out, Go Noodle is one of our go-to’s. The steamed chicken and fried rice are solid choices.

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495 3rd Ave

A bit on the pricey side, but you’ll never regret ordering this Greek comfort food. Our move is the Kotopoulo Giouvetsi (chicken and orzo in red sauce), but should you be needing something the lighter the Greek salad is also solid. Stuck in the office and want a full-on dinner? They also have a reasonably-priced prix fixe special.

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Blue Dog Cafe

155 W 56th St

A little cafe with three locations in Midtown (and another in Chelsea) serving fresh salads, sandwiches, and smoothies. Blue Dog delivers both breakfast and lunch - if it's lunch, order early and be prepared to wait. Turns out tasty salads, sandwiches, and smoothies are what everyone else miserable at their desks wants too.

Seamless Link - 155 W. 56th St.

Seamless Link - 308 W. 50th St.


ilili Box

700 8th Ave

Ilili is a fancy Lebanese restaurant in Flatiron that wisely opened up a more casual location to serve (and deliver) interesting wraps and shawarmas in Midtown. We endorse the pressed spice chicken wrap.

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One of the best delivery spots in Times Square, Turco is about as good as you can get for a fast, satisfying Midtown desk lunch. The gyros are consistently tasty, the bread is fresh, and the sauce has the right amount of kick to it.

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Untamed Sandwiches

43 W 39th St

Untamed’s menu is full of sandwiches called things like the Carla Bruni and General Zapata, and have the ingredients to match. Expect sandwiches with everything from pork butt to port wine-braised grass fed beef brisket to fried almond butter. Consider Untamed when you want to break your Boar's Head turkey on seven-grain routine.

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Graso Grill

16 E 48th St

The opposite of Untamed Sandwiches, but sometimes you just want a straight up salad or sandwich. This place delivers on both. We like the California and chicken caesar salads best.

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Wondee Siam II

813 9th Ave

The West 50s are home to many of Manhattan's best Thai restaurants, and the Wondee Siam restaurants (there are several, named Wondee Siam I, Wondee Siam II, etc) are our pick. (Wondee II is the one that'll probably deliver on Seamless to your Midtown office) All of your noodle staples will do well for delivery here (we like the Kee Mao), and the larb gai and papaya salad are excellent as well.

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Poulette specializes in making excellent rotisserie chicken, served in various styes, from sandwich to whole chicken. During lunch, the quarter chicken plus two sides is a good deal.

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