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The Best New Soft Serve In NYC

Just because 2020 is...2020 doesn’t mean there isn’t new soft serve to try in NYC.

July 17th, 2020

Soft serve is a summer food. That’s a soft serve fact. (Another soft serve fact: Tom Carvel only started serving ice cream out of a truck because he got a flat tire and decided to improvise instead of watch his ice cream melt.) We put this list together of our favorite new places around the city because we would really hate for you to miss out on a timely soft serve opportunity.

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The Spots


This summer, Fieldtrip in Harlem has a rice milk hibiscus raspberry swirl soft serve. If the combination of those nouns isn’t enough to get your mind racing, then we unfortunately do not relate to you as a person. They’ll even bring it to your apartment (although that arguably takes some of the joy out of eating it in the sunshine). You can place your takeout or delivery order ahead of time online, or stop by their window on Lenox Avenue.

This is Leo’s first year wielding soft serve, and you should be just excited about it as we are. They change their flavor every week. While you’re here for soft serve, grab a slice of their sourdough pizza to-go - our favorite is the square one with potatoes and provola cheese.

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photo credit: Fieldtrip, Leo, Hunky Dory from Instagram

The Best New Soft Serve In NYC guide image