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The Best Fondue in NYC

If you love dipping bread in hot cheese, these are the best places to get fondue in NYC.

Going out for fondue might sound cheesy (sorry, we had to) but it’s a really fun way to spend a date night or a friend catch-up, because when you’re focused on dipping each individual bite of food into a pot of hot cheese, it’s hard to doomscroll on your phone. The ultimate snacktivity, fondue requires you to stay present and connected. Maybe it’s taking things too far to call fondue the antidote to our modern ills, but there's something about it that's relaxing AF. Here are the best places to get fondue in NYC.

The Spots

Lavaux Wine Bar

When it comes to NYC’s fondue scene, there’s The Lavaux, and then there’s everywhere else. The charming West Village spot is the indisputable best place to get fondue in this city. The space evokes Swiss chalet, right down to the vintage ski gondola that houses a table for two in the front window of the restaurant. There are six different cheese fondue options (we like the traditional combo of Gruyère and Vacherin), and it comes in a copper pot with cubes of fresh bread, potatoes, and pickles. Round out your order with a charcuterie board and a salad, some excellent Swiss wine, and a pot of chocolate fondue for dessert. There’s also raclette, if that’s more your speed.

You might not expect to find excellent fondue at a Mediterranean restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, but New York City is full of surprises and this is one of the pleasant ones. Try to get a table in the enclosed back patio for maximum atmosphere, then settle in for the best fondue deal in town. For $99, you can get a prix fixe fondue meal that includes bread, cheese, pickles, and vegetables as well as a great kale salad, a mezze platter, a bottle of wine, and a dessert. It’s listed for two, but it’s enough to feed three. You can also order fondue a la carte. 

The fondue room in the back of Cafe Select is probably Soho’s worst-kept secret, but there’s something about the experience that still feels cozy and special. This place leans hard into the apres-ski aesthetic, which is arguably the best part about skiing, anyway. The cheese fondue comes with bread, fruit, vegetables, pickles, and potatoes, and you can get cured meat or sausage on the side. They also serve raclette and chocolate fondue to meet all of your melted food needs.

Krupa Grocery is a popular neighborhood spot in Windsor Terrace with a very nice backyard, and the menu has everything from chicken nuggets to caviar—so if there's anywhere to stick a singular fondue option on the menu, it's here. Kruppa rotates through cheeses, and we've seen everything from a smokey queso oaxaca and gouda combination to classic gruyere. It comes with enough dippables (bread, fingerlings, apples, brussels) for two to start feeling pretty full but still have room for mains. We recommend ordering the chicken sausage plate for an extra meat dipper if you want to make an entree for two out of just the fondue. 

Do you have fond memories of high school birthday dinners at a location of The Melting Pot, probably in a mall? If so, you’ll love Taureau. This cash-only (you can also pay in “major cryptocurrencies” including DOGE) spot in Tribeca has “date night” written all over it. Literally. There are little hearts and cupids painted on the exterior windows. It’s the only place in the city where you can have the full three-course cheese-meat-chocolate fondue experience, and while it’s not mind-blowing good food, it’s a fun time. 

Heidelberg is a great place to go out for fondue when you're not looking for peak date vibes. This Upper East Side German restaurant has been around forever, and between the beer hall aesthetic and soft rock playlist, you won't have to worry about giving off the wrong impression if you come here for fondue with a friend. We highly recommend getting one of their giant soft pretzels to go with your melted cheese, which also comes with an assortment of bread, sausages, apples, and veggies.

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