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The Best Happy Hours In Brooklyn

Where to drink in Brooklyn when you don’t want to pay full price.

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Finding a Happy Hour spot is sort of like using Groupon without all the commitment. Because instead of going on a hot air balloon trip in the Hudson Valley or riding an alpaca, all you have to do is show up at a bar before a certain time, and enjoy cheaper-than-usual drinks (and sometimes food). If you’re in Brooklyn, you should know about the best ones. So here are 38 spots organized by neighborhood. Go get ’em.


Fresh Kills Bar

$$$$ 161 Grand St

When: Daily, 5-7pm

The Deal: $10 Cocktails

A $10 cocktail might not sound like the greatest of deals, but the cocktails here are exceptional, and you’ll probably think, “Wow, this is worth more than $10” while you drink one. Fresh Kills is a long, narrow space just off the main stretch of Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, and it’s perfect for an early Happy Hour date. Get one of the booths along the wall, or sit at the bar and take a shot out of a little glass boot.

Night of Joy

$$$$ 667 Lorimer St

When: Daily, 5-8pm

The Deal: $7 Select Cocktails; $7 Frozen Margaritas; $7 Sangria; $5 Select Beers

When it’s cold outside, hang out in the downstairs living room that feels like an antique doll house. In the summertime, head to the roof and drink frozen margaritas as you listen to the majestic hum of the BQE.

The Commodore

$$$$ 366 Metropolitian Ave.

When: Weekdays, 4-7pm; Weekends, 3-7pm

The Deal: $2 Off Drinks; $3 Beer

The Commodore is a divey Williamsburg bar that does certain things very well. The fried chicken sandwich, for example, and the house piña colada. Hit up this Happy Hour when you want to hang out in a dark room with a bunch of people and some greasy food.


$$$$ 145 Borinquen Pl

When: Daily, 4-7pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters Fom 6pm-7pm; $5 Select Beer; $8 House Wine, $8 Happy Hour Cocktail

There’s something about the big windows, the friendly service, and the mostly-healthy food that just makes you feel good at Lighthouse. We suggest you order a sweet potato with smoked labne to split, plus some Happy Hour wine. Then, for round two, get the burger.

Pinkerton Wine Bar

$$$$ 263 N 6th St

When: Daily, 5-8pm

The Deal: $1 Off House Wine and Select Drafts; $1.50 Oysters All Night

Pinkerton is a neighborhood spot with a small bar, some high-top tables, and seating outside when the weather is nice. So get a glass of wine and some oysters. We wouldn’t say Pinkerton is trendy, but it’s ideal for a low-key night out.



$$$$ 113 Franklin St

When: Weekdays, 5-8pm

The Deal: $7 Old Fashioned & Sazerac; $5 Drafts; $5 Glasses Of Wine

Ramona has earned its place as our favorite cocktail spot in Greenpoint for several reasons: it has a beautiful giant space, it serves excellent drinks, and it’s very close to Paulie Gee’s. Another big reason? The Happy Hour, when some of the well-made cocktails here are discounted.

Diamond Lil

$$$$ 179 Nassau Avenue

When: Monday-Friday, 5-8pm

The Deal: $5 Draft Rose; $5 Draft Narragansett; $7 Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule, Espresso Martini

Diamond Lil is a neighborhood cocktail bar where all the barstools and booths are covered in green velvet, and there’s a giant painting of a woman reading behind the bar. But it doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is not a bad option for a Happy Hour Old Fashioned next time you’re in Greenpoint between 5 and 8pm.

Broken Land

$$$$ 105 Franklin St

When: Weekdays, 4-8pm

The Deal: $9 Frozen Piña Coladas, $7 Rye Old Fashioneds, $5 Draft Rosé, $4 Founders Solid Gold/Modelo Cans, $6 Well Drinks, Wine, And Draft Beer

Broken Land makes some of our favorite piña coladas in the city. To enjoy them fully, you should sit outside during Happy Hour. The backyard is open until 11pm on weeknights (and 1am on weekends), and gets pretty busy. But in a fun, non-annoying way.

Black Rabbit

$$$$ 91 Greenpoint Ave

When: Daily, 4-8pm

The Deal: $4 House Lager; $8 House Lager With A Shot, $8 House Cocktail

Black Rabbit is a nice pub that wouldn’t look out of place in a small English town, and there’s even a little backyard. On Tuesdays, they host trivia, and if you get there before 8pm, you can prep your brain with a Happy Hour cocktail.

Keg & Lantern Brewing Company

$$$$ 97 Nassau Ave

When: Weekdays, 11am-7pm

The Deal: $5 Draft Beers, Well Drinks, And Wine

People who love beer and people who love sports bars will both appreciate Keg & Lantern in Greenpoint. This place makes its own beer, and has a huge back patio with TVs.


Mad Tropical

Mexican  in  Bushwick
$$$$ 236 Troutman St

When: Daily, 5-8pm; Tuesdays, All Night.

The Deal: $8-$9 Cocktails; $2 Off Drafts

On weekends, you can dance in the big back room at Mad Tropical. But on weekdays, this tropical-themed bar is usually quiet enough for a first date or a drink with a friend that you haven’t seen in a while. They also serve tacos.

The Narrows

$$$$ 1037 Flushing Ave

When: Daily, 5-8pm

The Deal: $1 Off Drafts And Well Drinks

This is where you should go for a fancy drink in a garden in Bushwick. It’s a great date spot, and very close to a bunch of restaurants in the neighborhood.

The Topaz

$$$$ 251 Bushwick Avenue

When: Daily, 5-8pm

The Deal: $6 Wines, $6 Select Cocktails, And $5 Beers

The Topaz is a cocktail bar in East Williamsburg with live music nights and comedy open mics every week. They also have a nice courtyard in the back with a few tables.

Yours Sincerely

$$$$ 41 Wilson Ave

When: Daily, 5-8pm

The Deal: $5 Select Cocktails; $6 Wine

Yours Sincerely calls itself a “cocktail laboratory,” and it serves drinks in little glass beakers you might recognize from your 10th grade chem class. Somehow, it’s much less pretentious than it sounds. Aside from the beaker thing (and the fact that all the cocktails are on tap), this is mostly just a narrow space where you can hang out in a booth and catch up with friends or talk to a date, if you have one of those.

Three Diamond Door

$$$$ 211 Knickerbocker Ave

When: Weekdays, 2-8pm; Weekends, 12-6pm

The Deal: $1 Off Drafts, Well Drinks, And Glasses of Wine; $6 Beer And Shot Combos

It might not sound like a huge discount, but that’s a pretty long Happy Hour. Also - these drinks aren’t pricey to begin with. Three Diamond Door is an essential Bushwick bar, and we think that in order to find yourself, you have to lose yourself here one night.

The Rookery

$$$$ 425 Troutman St

When: Weekdays, 12-7pm; Sunday, All Night

The Deal: $5 House Wine; $1 Off Draft Beer, $1 Off Well Drinks, $1 Off Frose.

If you’re with a big group or you want to sit outside (or both), The Rookery is a good choice. Stop by before 7pm on weekdays for inexpensive drinks, pub food, and board games. Happy Hour goes all day Sunday, so this is where you should head for a brunch that’s more like a party.

Duck Duck

$$$$ 153 Montrose Ave

When: Daily, 5-8pm

The Deal: 2-For-1 Well Drinks; 2-For-1 Narragansett And Rolling Rock; $1 Off (Almost) Everything Else

Duck Duck is one of those places where everyone always seems to actually be enjoying themselves. It’s divey and ideal for anything from a casual date to some late-night dancing to ’90s hip-hop.

Prospect Heights / Crown heights

Super Power

$$$$ 722 Nostrand Ave

When: Monday-Friday, 5-8pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters; $1 Off Drinks

When you need to drink out of a coconut or a golden pineapple in Crown Heights, go to Super Power. This is a nicely-designed tiki bar with a pinball machine and a backyard full of tropical plants, and it tends to get crowded with people who live in the area but are trying to pretend they live in a warmer climate. If you get hungry, there’s bar food like hot dogs, nachos, and oysters (which are $1 from 5-8pm).

King Tai

$$$$ 1095 Bergen St

When: Daily, 3-8pm

The Deal: $1 Off Drafts; $1 Off Glasses of Wine; $1 Well Drinks

King Tai plays consistently good music any time of day, and looks like it got jealous of Miami and tried to make itself a clone. Happy Hour is an especially good time to take advantage of the space (and try to get a seat at the bar).


Bar Lunatico

$$$$ 486 Halsey St

When: Daily 5-7pm

The Deal: $7 Old Fashioneds, Margaritas, Daiquiris; $2 Off Drafts and Wine

Lunatico feels like a cafe you’d find on a quiet street in a country with a warm climate and an under-40-hour workweek. It has live music most nights, and if you’re looking for a low-key place to grab a Happy Hour drink in Bed-Stuy, it’s perfect. It’s even better for date night.


$$$$ 323 Franklin Ave

When: Weekdays Until 6:30pm

The Deal: $9 Margaritas; $3 Tecate; $5 Wells; $6 Wines; $1 Off Drafts; $1 Off Mezcal; $12 for 3 Tacos + Tecate Can

Chilo’s is a divey tequila bar with a truck parked on the back patio that happens to serve some very good tacos. This bar also makes a solid margarita, which should be enjoyed on that back patio (with lots of tacos).

Bed-Vyne Brew

$$$$ 370 Tompkins Ave

When: Weekdays, 4-8pm

The Deal: $1 Off Drafts And Wine

This tiny bar only serves beer and wine, and usually has a DJ playing music. There’s a little dance floor that can fit maybe 10 people max. Be one of those 10 people.

Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill/Carroll Gardens


$$$$ 136 Atlantic Ave

When: Monday-Thursday, 5-7pm; Friday 4-7pm

The Deal: $7 Old Fashioned, Sazerac, Wine Punch; $5 Select Beers; $5 Select Glasses Of Wine

Elsa is so nice you’ll want to buy it flowers and ask if it’ll hold your hand. It’s a bar in Cobble Hill with leather booths and expensive-looking light fixtures, and it’s from the same people behind Ramona in Greenpoint. Like Ramona, it has great cocktails, and a few of them are discounted during Happy Hour.

Clover Club

$$$$ 210 Smith St.

When: Weekdays, 4-7pm

The Deal: $8 Select Cocktails; $6 Select Glasses of Wine; $4 Select Beer

Fact: fancy cocktails taste even better when they cost less than normal. And that’s especially the case at a place like Clover Club, which has been serving expensive, excellent cocktails in Brooklyn for longer than most other bars. There are also some great bar snacks here, in case you realize halfway through your second Happy Hour drink that you should probably eat.

park slope


$$$$ 196 5th Ave

When: Weekdays, 4-7pm

The Deal: $2 Off All Cocktails; $1 Off Wine And Beer; $8-$10 Snacks

Come to Blueprint for cocktails during Happy Hour and you’ll have some money leftover to buy the big charcuterie platter, which you could either use as a light meal for two or a group snack while you wait for your table at Al Di La down the street.

Mission Dolores

$$$$ 249 4th Ave

When: Weekdays, 2-7pm

The Deal: $1 Off Beer, Wine, Cocktails; $4 Well Drinks

You come to Mission Dolores for a few reasons: the covered patio space, the beer selection, and the cute dogs (this bar allows them). There are also pinball machines, but cute dogs are better than pinball machines. Everyone knows that.


$$$$ 477 5th Ave

When: Daily until 7pm

The Deal: $1 Off All Draft And Well Drinks; $8-$9 Shot And Beer Combos

The furniture in Skylark is a little reminiscent of a thrift store, or your hoarder grandma’s living room. Only with pinball machines, a daily Happy Hour, and some outdoor sidewalk seating.

High Dive

$$$$ 243 5th Ave

When: Mon-Fri, 3-8pm

The Deal: $3 PBR; $4 Well Drinks; $1 Off Everything Else

High Dive has free popcorn and plenty of board games, and you can buy someone a drink days or weeks in advance, which the bartenders keep track of on a big chalkboard. There’s also a backyard, so if you need to play Battleship and drink beer outside at 6pm on a Thursday, this is an excellent option.

Wolf & Deer

$$$$ 74 5th Ave

When: Weekdays, 5-8pm; Weekends, 11am-8pm

The Deal: $5 Draft Beer; $3 Off All Drinks

Wolf & Deer is a good place to drink before a show or game at the Barclays Center. It’s a cool little spot with a U-shaped bar where you might talk to a stranger while you have oysters, charcuterie, and cocktails.

dumbo / Brooklyn Heights

68 Jay St Bar

$$$$ 68 Jay St

When: Weekdays, 2:30-7pm

The Deal: $5 Mixed Drinks; $5 Glasses Of Wine; $3 Narragansett

You probably aren’t going to travel for 68 Jay Street Bar, but if you live or work in the area, it should be one of your go-to spots for a casual drink near the waterfront in Dumbo.



$$$$ 56-06 Cooper Ave

When: Thursday & Friday, 4-8pm

The Deal: Two-For-One Select Beer, Wine, And House Cocktails

Nowadays is a bar in Ridgewood with an enormous backyard where you can play ping pong, drink at a picnic table, or dance. If it’s warm out and you can make it here before 8pm on a Friday, you can get your weekend started without spending all of your disposable income. And while this place technically isn’t in Brooklyn, it’s close enough, and it’s a spot you should know about as soon as it gets warm outside.

The Bad Old Days

$$$$ 1684 Woodbine St

When: Daily, 2-8pm

The Deal: $2 Off All Drafts; $5 Beer-Shot Special; $6 House Wine; $5 Well Drinks; $6 House Punch

The Bad Old Days is another great Ridgewood bar, although it feels less like a bar and more like the common area of the dorm you wish you’d lived in during college. There are books and board games, and also a couch in front of a fireplace that may or may not be functional. And if you bring your laptop to Happy Hour to get some work done, no one will judge you.

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