20 Restaurants Open For Indoor Dining Today

If you’re looking to eat indoors at an NYC restaurant again, here are 20 places you could check out.

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September 30th marks the first day since March that NYC restaurants can resume indoor dining service at a reduced 25% capacity. Below you’ll find a bunch of great restaurants that are officially open inside. If you want to test the waters, you won’t have a bad meal at any of the places on this guide.

Without substantial government assistance, though, more and more NYC restaurants will continue to permanently close their doors. So while spending money at reopened restaurants, ordering takeout, and tipping well all help, take 60 seconds to fill out this automatic email builder to implore your elected officials to pass the RESTAURANTS Act.

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NYC Feature

Everything We Know About NYC Indoor Dining Reopening On September 30th

The Spots

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You can find a burger, chopped cheese, and chicken wings pretty much everywhere, but you can’t find them like this. The wings get their breading from ramyun noodles, the chopped cheese is actually a plate of thick rice cakes with parmesan and spiced beef, and the burger includes two dry-aged patties slathered in kimchi mayo. We’d travel over at least one bridge to get our hands on any, let alone all of them on this East Village Korean spot’s tented patio, or inside.

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve been drinking a whole lot of wine over the past few months. And if you’re like us, then most of it has been best described as “red” or “white.” For a much more engaging wine drinking experience, head to Niche Niche in Soho. Make a reservation for either of the two nightly seatings, and try four different wines, which are chosen by a rotating guest sommelier to pair with each course of the meal.

Crown Shy has about as many weaknesses as a crush who promptly responds to texts, which is to say, very few. From fritters that taste like gruyere-filled churros, to arguably the very best roast chicken in the city, to sticky toffee pudding and housemade ice creams, every part of a meal at this FiDi American spot is phenomenal. That includes their value-focused wine list, which you should explore with one of the sommeliers while sitting at a table on traffic-free Pine Street, or in the high-ceilinged space that you get to by walking through the building’s landmarked lobby.

Indecision leads to buyer’s remorse, and when it comes to Dinosaur BBQ, that means not enjoying grilled, sweet ribs or 30-day aged brisket as fully as they deserve to be. Fortunately, this Harlem spot (as well as their location in Gowanus) makes things easy for you. Order the combo plate that includes three different smoked meats for $24, or the family-style option with enough food for four to six people at a picnic table outside, or indoors in what looks like a converted barn. And allow us to take one other decision off your plate - you definitely want an order of the spice-rubbed chicken wings.

There’s no wrong way to navigate the pasta menu at Rezdora. There is, however, a right way. Or more accurately, there are 10 right ways, and they include maccheroni doused in duck ragu, and meat-filled anolini in parmigiano cream sauce. The narrow space only has a few socially distanced tables, so sit outside or try to make a reservation a couple weeks ahead of time.

Since Jing Fong’s Chinatown location can better be described in acres rather than square feet, it’s going to take another few weeks to get the space ready for indoor dining. But if you want to eat some great siu mai and fried taro with a roof over your head, you’ll be able to as of Friday, October 2nd. That’s when this classic dim sum spot’s Upper West location adds indoor dining to its current roster of outdoor tables, takeout, and delivery.

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Extra Virgin



open table
$$$$(212) 691-9359

Along with football and unread emails, the spaghetti and meatballs at Extra Virgin is our favorite thing about Sundays. In the event that it’s not Sunday, or in the much less likely scenario that giant, parmesan-covered meatballs with roasted garlic flatbread doesn’t sound appealing to you, then try the mushroom crusted chicken or hanger steak inside or on their patio.

German's Soup


German’s Soup in Crown Heights should be at the top of your mind anytime you’re looking to wrap yourself in a very comfortable, very figurative fleece blanket. Most of the menu is made up of hearty soups, which you can make a meal out of, or get as an accompaniment to BBQ chicken over fried rice or stewed snapper with roti. The original location is in Guyana, and after opening their first US location a couple years ago, they just moved to a new, larger location in Crown Heights where they have indoor and outdoor dining.

June is currently only accepting one party of 6-10 people indoors at a time. Keep that in mind if you happen to have a bunch of friends who enjoy debating how much “brett” is too much in a natural wine, and how many orders of hummus with merguez sausage is enough for your table. You can reserve that indoor table at this Cobble Hill wine bar through their website, or get a first come, first served table in their semi-secret, string-light-covered backyard.

When you’re at Take31 in Koreatown, you drink makgeolli. It’s a cloudy, sparkling rice wine that they blend into slushy form with things like peach or banana. It happens to go great with kimchi stew, which as chance should have it, is a must-order here, inside or out.

If we could only use Dante for one very specific situation, it’d probably be for negronis and small plates with someone who looks at us like soap opera characters look at everyone. But since we don’t need to limit ourselves, and we haven’t met our McDreamy (yet), we use Dante’s indoor and outdoor spaces for everything from a salad and coffee during light weekday lunch to cocktails and cannolis after losing track of time listening to a pianist in Washington Square Park.

When you have dinner at Sofreh, go heavy on the saffron dishes. Start with saffron rice and the roast chicken covered in saffron sauce, and then try the saffron-infused vesper before finishing up with saffron rice pudding. Or if that just sounds like too much, well, saffron, then feel free to try anything else on the menu at this Persian spot in Prospect Heights.They have tables both inside and outside.

After taking a look at this Astoria Greek spot’s whole fish display - which is filled with branzino, red snapper, and black sea bass that are flown in daily from the Mediterranean - focus your attention on a different display: the in-house ouzo bar. Alternatively, you could pay attention to the people at your table, and share dishes like moussaka, lamb chops, and lobster spaghetti topped with myzithra cheese.

Quality Bistro opened in January, and immediately became one of our favorite spots in Midtown. The 400-bottle French wine list and abundance of gold detailing make feel like a special occasion spot, and it certainly could be if you order the whole roasted lobster with saffron aioli or dry-aged tomahawk, but it works equally well for a weeknight date when you’re in the mood for a great burger and fries, inside or out.

The $45 prix-fixe at Atoboy includes your choice of three Korean small plates, and whether you opt for the duck with gochujang or braised beef cheek with jjajang sauce, you’ll be quite pleased with yourself. But there are a couple things you can do to take things up a few notches. First, make sure to add the very crispy fried chicken with spicy peanut butter to any order, and come with a few friends so you can try the whole menu. Reservations for tables in the dining room and outdoor patio are available through their website.

This Caribbean spot in the South Bronx has a live salsa band, tons of palm trees and chandeliers, and a booth made from the back of an old-school Chevy. Whether you decide to enjoy all of that on the massive outdoor rooftop, the similarly large and colorful indoor space, or one of their private igloos, make sure to order some mojo-marinated pork chops or plantains stuffed with Cuban spiced beef.

Most of the Israeli dishes on the menu at Miznon North cost less than $20, and they’re both light enough to eat before a run, and delicious enough to feel like a reward after a run. In other words, this Upper West Side spot works for all types of dinner situations, especially because even at reduced capacity, the big indoor and outdoor spaces have room for groups. But our favorite time to go might not be dinner at all. On weekends, they offer reservations for brunch, when they serve things like steak and egg pitas, challah french toast, and phenomenal shakshuka.

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Don Angie


Dinner at Don Angie is going to include pasta. Lots and lots of delicious pasta. But exactly what that looks like depends on who you bring with you to this West Village Italian spot. For example, if you’re with a date, it’ll look like sheep’s milk gnudi covered in peanut agrodolce, or garganelli with meatball ragu and guanciale. And if you’re with a group, it should look like a massive platter of lasagna, which is allegedly an entree for two, but includes for four or six if you supplement with other things. Make a reservation up to a week in advance for a table inside or out any day between 5-11pm.

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Brooklyn Chop House


Lots of restaurants in NYC are going to great lengths to create as healthy an indoor dining situation as possible, but perhaps no place has documented it as thoroughly as this FiDi steakhouse. They have released a 40 point safety plan that lays out everything from silverware cleaning practices and plexiglass partitions, to a custom-made thermal temperature scanner at the door. They’re offering reservations for tables every day from 4-10:30pm, and serving their usual menu that includes lots of dry-aged meat, like veal chops and 32-ounce tomahawks.

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