Where To Have A Sit-Down Dinner After 11pm

The best places to get a full late-night meal.

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When you’re a kid, there’s a bell that tells you exactly when to leave your classroom and put food in your body. But now that you’re a grown-up person with non-velcro shoes and possibly even a nice rug or two, you can eat whenever you want. So here’s where you can sit down and have a meal after 11pm. These places will come in handy the next time you take a nap and miss dinner, or get off a plane late at night and feel like eating something you didn’t have to cook.

The Spots

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Blue Ribbon Brasserie



open table
$$$$(212) 274-0404

Serves food until 4am daily

Blue Ribbon Brasserie is little restaurant on Sullivan Street with white tablecloths and a menu that has everything from steak and lobster to chicken wings and matzoh ball soup. It’s also open until 4am every day, and if we could only put one place on this list, this would be it. Blue Ribbon is the rare restaurant that gets even better after midnight, and you should have at least one late-night meal here before you retire and move to Florida or the Upper East Side.

Serves food until 1am daily

You look up from your computer and realize you’ve been the only person in the office for the last three hours, and you’ve only had stale almonds and room-temperature coffee since lunch. Splash some water on your face and head over to P.J. Clarke’s. The kitchen at this classic Midtown East spot is open until 1am every day, and there are almost always crowds of people who, like you, decided to come here after doing many hours of their bosses’ work. Get one of the house burgers, like the “Cadillac” with smoked bacon and cheese, along with a cold beer (or several).

Serves food until 12am daily

The only bad thing about 4 Charles is the fact that reservations are very hard to get. But if you’re willing (or even hoping) to eat after 11pm, you have a much better chance. So take that 11:45 reservation if you want one of the best burgers in the city, followed by some prime rib and creamed spinach. This place feels sort of like a speakeasy steakhouse from the 1920s, and it’s good for any kind of impressive dinner (as long as you don’t mind spending a significant amount of money).

Serves food until 4am daily

For whatever reason, you’re out after midnight on the Lower East Side. Maybe you were at an animal shelter teaching dogs how to perform sign language and it ran a little late, or maybe you were just drinking at 169 Bar. Either way, if you want to sit down and eat good food, go to Great NY Noodletown. It’s open until 4am every day, it’s great for groups, and after a plate of roast pork here, you’ll go to sleep and dream about a world where roast pork grows on trees.

Open 24 hours

You ate the free pretzels and took a bite of the “seared chicken with cream sauce,” but you mostly avoided the food on the airplane. Now you’re back in the city and you want something nicer than a couple buffalo chicken slices at your corner pizza shop. L’Express is a good choice - it’s a 24-hour bistro between Union Square and Flatiron that serves classic French dishes, like escargots and some of the best French onion soup in the city. But it’s also casual enough for you to come with your neck pillow still on your shoulders.

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Serves food until 2am daily

There are a few locations of 99 Favor Taste around the city (including ones on the Lower East Side and in the East Village), all of which stay open until 2am daily. This is, of course, great news if you ever find yourself looking for some interactive late-night dining. They specialize in hot pot here, but they also have Korean barbecue, and there are reasonably priced all-you-can-eat options for both. Bring a group and cook some meat and vegetables in a very spicy pot of soup at your table.

Serves food until 12am daily

If it’s approaching midnight and you’re feeling coordinated enough to sit on a tall stool while you eat a meal, go have some small plates at Vini E Fritti. It’s an Italian wine bar in Nomad from the people behind Union Square Cafe and Daily Provisions, and it has things like fried pizza dough with prosciutto, pork ribs with honey, and potato pancakes. Bring a friend, and keep ordering until you’re full or the kitchen closes.

Serves food until 12am Sun-Wed, 2am Thurs-Sat

Joseph Leonard is a tiny restaurant on a relatively quiet corner in the West Village, and we aren’t sure why it’s open until 2am on weekends, but we’re glad it is. This place is from the same people behind Bar Sardine and Fedora, and they serve a late-night menu with steak, a chicken sandwich, and a few other things. Bring a date at 1am, or stop by when you get off a red eye and would like to remind yourself why you live in this city.

Serves food until 12am daily

You’ve been bar hopping down Amsterdam or seeing a show at the Beacon Theater, and now some of your friends just want to keep drinking, and some want to go home and order food to their couches. Playa Betty’s will make everyone happy. Get a big table at this bright, beach-themed spot on the Upper West Side, and order some beer buckets, spicy margaritas, and shareable Mexican dishes like tater tot nachos and a massive burrito with steak, French fries, and guacamole.

Serves food until 2am daily

You’re looking for a late dinner followed by some cocktails in the West Village. The problem is that you have a better chance getting a question answered in a Tina Fey AMA than getting into most bars in this neighborhood after 11pm. Save yourself some trouble and just go to The Spaniard. Sit at the bar or in a booth and eat some elevated bar food, like a patty melt with dry-aged meat and white cheddar. Then order some high-quality cocktails standing by the bar the rest of the night.

photo credit: Emily Schindler

Jongro BBQ review image

Jongro BBQ


Serves food until 2am Sun-Thurs, 4am Fri-Sat

To get to Jongro, you enter an elevator at the back of a nondescript lobby on 32nd Street and take it up to the second floor. You’ll then find yourself in a massive room filled with tables of people barbecuing their own meat. Jongro is one of our favorite Korean barbecue spots, and it’s pretty much always busy. They’re open until 4am on weekends, though, so you have plenty of time to make it over, and if there’s a wait for your table, you can go hang out in the karaoke bar on the 7th floor.

Serves food until 2:30am Mon-Sat, closed Sunday

One of the several thousand things we like about this city is the fact that, even at 2am, you can sit down and eat an omakase. If you want to do this, head over to Sushi Seki on the Upper East Side. It can get a little pricey (you’ll spend somewhere between $100 and $200 on an omakase here) - but you can also order a la carte, and there are some good sushi combos as well. At this point, this place is a classic late-night option, and if you find yourself thinking about scallop hand rolls at 1am, it’s where you need to be.

Serves food until 12am Sun-Wed, 1:30am Thurs-Sat

There are two locations of this Mexican spot, and the original on the Lower East Side is open until midnight every day and 2am on weekends. (If you’re with a group, the much bigger West Village location - which is open even later - is the better option.) Stop by for some fish tacos and enchiladas the next time you can’t sleep.

Serves food until 4am daily

While karaoke often involves plenty of drinks and some ill-advised boy band dance moves, it rarely involves food. So after an encore performance of “Backstreet’s Back” at a karaoke spot in K-Town, get a late meal at Pocha 32. You certainly won’t be the only ones there - it’s often packed until 4am - and many of the tables in the second-floor space will be topped with hollowed-out watermelons filled with liquor. Share some of these and definitely get the budae jjigae, a big metal cauldron of ramen stew loaded with spam, rice cakes, kimchi, and hot dogs.

Serves food until 2am Sun-Thurs, 4am Fri-Sat

If you’re out at a bar in the East Village with a date, some friends, or eight of your coworkers, and you suddenly feel inspired to sit down and eat pasta, go to Lil Frankie’s. It’s a big cash-only Italian restaurant on 1st Avenue, and it’s where you should be eating baked eggplant and spaghetti limone at 1:30am. They’re open until 2am daily and 4am on weekends, and just about everyone will like this place.

Serves food until 1am daily

It’s not hard to find pizza in NYC after midnight. There’s a late-night slice place on just about every block, and 7-Eleven technically serves pizza as well. But if you want to sit at a table and eat a quality Neapolitan pizza, there aren’t too many options. So it’s good to know about Barboncino. This is one of our go-to restaurants in Crown Heights, and it’s open until 1am every day.

Serves food until 1am Sun-Mon, 2am Tues-Sat

Uva is a neighborhood Italian restaurant that’s perfect for date night on the Upper East Side, and it’s open until 2am every day except for Sunday and Monday (when it’s open until 1am). Take advantage of this, and come eat some pasta the next time you take a five-hour nap, wake up, and realize you were supposed to take someone out to dinner. The interior is decorated like an Italian farmhouse made out of brick, and the food is better than what you’ll find at your average neighborhood Italian spot.

Serves food until 1am daily

Walk past Five Leaves on a weekend afternoon, and you’ll see a small crowd of people waiting on the sidewalk for their chance to eat brunch. But stop by for dinner, and you won’t find much of a wait. Plus, they’re open until 1am every night, so you can come to eat oysters and a burger whenever you’re hungry after midnight in Greenpoint. Sit with a date at a small table along the wall, and appreciate the fact that you didn’t have to wait in line for pancakes.

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