50 NYC Restaurants Giving Back To The Community

The places on this guide are helping the community - and so can you.
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We love New York City. You love New York City. Which is why it’s so hard to watch what’s happening in New York City right now. Restaurant workers are being laid off, healthcare professionals are battling on the frontlines, and people who need a hot meal are having a hard time getting one.

But you should also know about all the amazing ways that NYC restaurants are supporting people in need right now, and how you can support them as well. Chefs and restaurant teams are delivering pizzas and dumplings to hospitals and seniors, providing free lunches for school kids and first responders, and making to-go kits with things like smoked meat, toothbrushes, and baby food for those who have been laid off or furloughed.

We’ll be using this guide to highlight restaurant initiatives around the city that are giving back to the NYC community. And we’ll be updating the list as we learn about more. For additional resources, information, and Infatuation-hosted fundraising projects visit our page here.

The Spots

Junzi Kitchen

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If you order Chinese takeout or delivery from Junzi Kitchen, you’ll see an option to “share a meal” at checkout, which will provide a $10 lunch or dinner to the healthcare workers at places like New York Presbyterian, Mount Sinai Children’s, and Bellevue Hospital. To learn more about the project, you can check out their website.



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This Ridgewood brewery, Root and Branch Brewery, and Ops in Bushwick have teamed up to donate pizzas and protective equipment to the staff at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. If you want to show support, you can find more info here and buy their newly-released beer (15% of the sales go to the pizza and mask project).

In addition to delivery and takeout, the owner of C&B in the East Village has been baking bread for anyone in the community who is hungry or unemployed. In order to continue to bake all that bread every day in the cafe, they’re raising money to buy a bread oven. You can check out their campaign and learn more about donating on their GoFundMe page here.

This Thai restaurant on the LES recently started doing takeout, and they’ve also launched a Lunchbox 4 Neighbors project that makes lunches for anyone in the community. Each one costs $5 or whatever you can pay. You can check out their takeout menu and learn more about contributing to Lunchbox 4 Neighbors here.

Olmsted is working with the LEE Initiative, a foundation from a chef in Kentucky that’s helping restaurants around the country provide meals for furloughed restaurant employees. Olmsted is now only open as a food bank, with pick-up packages available for restaurant workers who have lost their jobs, including things like smoked pork from Hometown BBQ, fresh bread, toothbrushes, toilet paper, and baby food. You can find more information here and donate directly through the Lee Initiative’s website.

In partnership with World Central Kitchen, both the White Plains Road and Crescent Avenue locations of this Dominican restaurant in the Bronx are serving free lunch for children during school closures, but they’re not open for regular takeout and delivery.



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Alidoro is selling their extra virgin olive oil to the public for the first time ever, and 20% of the profits go directly to World Central Kitchen. They’re also partnering with Off Their Plate to donate and deliver sandwiches to hospital workers at NYU Langone. You can learn more about both initiatives here, and place an order for regular pick-up or delivery on their website here.

In partnership with World Central Kitchen, Red Rooster in Harlem is operating exclusively to serve free lunch to people who need it right now. They open every weekday starting at noon.

In an effort to provide meals to people in need around NYC and employ some of their staff Tacombi is running exclusively as a community kitchen right now. You can learn more about donating and the specific hospital and community centers they’re serving here.

In partnership with Rethink Food NYC and Beyond Meat, Kopitiam has a goal of making 300 hot meals for people on the Lower East Side who have low or no income right now. In addition to that project and operating takeout and delivery, Kopitiam will also be delivering daily meals to hospitals around the city. You can check out the details here and learn more about donating directly to Rethink Food NYC on their website.

Mimi Cheng’s has turned their focus completely to their campaign called Dumplings For Doctors that delivers donated lunches to hospital workers all around the city. You can learn more via their GoFundMe page.

Gertie has also teamed up with the LEE Initiative to make free meals for hospitality workers available for pick-up every day between 4pm and 7pm. If you’re able to, you can donate directly to the LEE Initiative on their website - Gertie isn’t currently open for public delivery and takeout, but if you want to support them, they’re selling merch on their website.

FieldTrip is open for pick-up and delivery, but they’re also delivering rice bowls to hospitals and women’s and children’s shelters in the Harlem area. For every $8 donated to their campaign, Fieldtrip will match $2. You can see more info here.

Pies ‘n’ Thighs is donating buckets of fried chicken to healthcare workers at Woodhull, Presbyterian, and Wyckoff hospitals. Each chicken bucket costs $40 and comes with sides, biscuits, and other good stuff that nurses and doctors deserve to gorge themselves on. You can learn more about donating, buying merch, and ordering takeout and delivery on their website.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Blue Hill in the city have both started a donation program where you can buy a box of prepared food and fresh produce for people working in the healthcare industry. Each box costs $150 and feeds 10 hospital workers. (You can also get a box for yourself while you’re at it). Find all the donating and ordering information here.

Along with takeout and delivery, Kaia Wine Bar on the UES is serving hundreds of meals to healthcare workers every week. You can call 212 722 0490 to place your delivery and pick-up order, and email to find out more about their meal donation project.

In addition to being open to the public for takeout and delivery (and offering some cool deals), Golden Diner is partnering with Robin Hood Foundation and The National Restaurant Association to fundraise money that provides direct cash assistance to restaurant workers who have been financially affected by the crisis. You can find more information on their Instagram, and donate directly here.

Tarallucci e Vino isn’t open for takeout or delivery right now - instead the owner of this UWS Italian restaurant started an organization called Feed The Frontlines NYC to bring donated hot meals to healthcare workers around the city. You can learn more here.

Eleven Madison Park is using their kitchen space to make meals for healthcare workers, and teaming up with Rethink Food NYC to deliver those meals to hospitals. You can learn more about Rethink Food NYC’s campaign and donate here.

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Luke’s Lobster is working with World Central Kitchen to deliver free lobster rolls to hospital workers on the front lines. You can learn more about donating on their website here. Lobster makes for a beautiful gift.

This vegan restaurant launched a fundraising campaign called Front Line Food Boxes to deliver meals to hospitals and food pantries around the city. They’re not currently open for other takeout or delivery, but you can learn more about donating to their fundraiser here.

In addition to offering takeout and delivery at their LES and Williamsburg locations, King’s County Imperial has committed to donating meals every week to people who work in emergency rooms and ICU facilities around the city. You can keep track of their progress on their Instagram page (and email if you work at a hospital and want to request a meal drop-off).

This fairly new French bistro in Chelsea is raising money to fund meal deliveries to staff at New York Presbyterian and Columbia University’s ICU. You can learn more about the campaign and donate on their GoFundMe page here. And, if you live in Chelsea and are looking for a mushroom flatbread and a big salad, Loulou has delivery or pick-up available online.

Bronx Drafthouse is serving free daily lunch to first responders and other people in vulnerable situations at the moment. They’re posting updates (and regular takeout and delivery specials) on their Instagram and you can check out their GoFundMe for the project here.

Beatstro in the Bronx (Bronx Drafthouse’s sister location) also has free lunch available to first responders and folks in need, as well as takeout and delivery available to the public. Follow their Instagram for details, and you can check out their GoFundMe to learn how to help.

Saigon Social is working with World Central Kitchen and Off Their Plate (a national organization that’s helping local restaurants create work and restore wages through charitable initiatives) to bring meals to hospitality and healthcare workers around the city, like the staff at Mount Sinai Queens. They also recently partnered with the Chinese-American Planning Council to provide free meals to elderly seniors in Brooklyn. You can follow along with their projects on Instagram, and support their restaurant staff by ordering takeout and delivery online or by calling 646-609-3202.

This Taiwanese place in the East Village is teaming up with Ho Foods and Raku to deliver bento boxes to hospitals around NYC - you can check out their Instagram for more details on how to help (and order their takeout and delivery online as well).

Silver Moon Bakery is partnering with World Central Kitchen to offer a free loaf of bread every day to people in need (if you’re a student, you just need to show your ID). In addition to being open to the public, they’re also offering limited drop-off deliveries to seniors in the area (you can learn more about the delivery range here).

Regina’s Grocery is partnering with Streetwork NYC to donate canned goods, supplies, and sandwiches to kids and adults on the Lower East Side who need meals and services. They’ve stopped their delivery and takeout sandwiches for now, but they’re planning on re-opening soon. You can check their Instagram for updates and learn about their campaign with Streetwork NYC here.

Although they aren’t open for regular takeout and delivery, Bessou in Noho has free and reduced-price meals available for schoolchildren, the homeless, and anyone who needs it. You can see more information about World Central Kitchen’s New York City Initiatives by looking on their map here.

Lil Frankies, Frank, and Supper are delivering pizza and pasta to hospitals in the New York area. If you want to donate or request a hospital delivery, email or call 212-420-0040 from 11-5pm.

Though they’re not currently open for takeout or delivery, this omakase spot has launched a fundraiser to donate sushi boxes to healthcare workers. They’re suggesting donations in increments of $30 and have a goal of $250,000, and you can learn more about the project on their website.

The Village Den is open for takeout and delivery, and they’re also giving free healthy bowls to hospital workers right now. Each donated meal costs $10, and you can learn more about contributing on their website.

Treadwell Park has been donating meals to hospitals around Manhattan every day. You can follow their progress on Instagram and order takeout or delivery from their three locations.

Ruby’s has a campaign called Empty Your Purse To Feed A Nurse that’s collecting donations to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner for healthcare workers across the city. They’ve already raised over $70,000 on their GoFundMe page (which you can check out here).

Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Williamsburg is delivering free pies to hospital staff, as well as people who work at pharmacies and grocery stores. To contribute, you can order through their website (or through an online delivery platform) and make sure to write “donate” in the memo. They’re also open for regular takeout and delivery if you want to get a pie for yourself while you’re at it.

This specialty grocer and convenience store in Soho is donating boxes of healthy snacks (mostly from small-name brands) to the Food Bank For New York, the medical workers at Memorial Sloan Kettering and Mount Sinai, as well as the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation. They’re doing regular orders too, 10% of which will also benefit the Restaurant Workers Community Fund. You can place your order through their website.

Every week, Estuary in Brooklyn Heights is donating hundreds of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to Brooklyn Hospital Center. They’ve already raised over $13,000 dollars on theirGoFundMe page, which you can check out here.

Sweetcatch has takeout and delivery available at four locations (their World Trade Center location is closed), and they’re giving away free poke bowls to any healthcare worker who stops by for pick-up. They’re also bringing free bowls to Manhattan hospitals, and you can keep track of their drop-offs and takeout specials on their Instagram page here.

Every week, Poulette is delivering rotisserie chicken and sides to healthcare workers (they recently did a big drop off at Mount Sinai West St. Luke’s Hospital). You can check out updates on their Instagram and order some takeout or delivery chicken for yourself through their website.

Mesa Coyacan in Williamsburg is teaming up with Feed The Frontlines NYC to deliver food to healthcare workers in Elmhurst Hospital and Mount Sinai Queens. You can check out their progress on their Instagram, as well as donate directly to Feed The Frontlines NYC here. And if you live in the Williamsburg area and want to support their business and get some takeout dinner for yourself, you can get pick-up or delivery through their website.

Gotan’s locations are all open for pick-up and delivery right now, but their Chelsea spot also has a goal of delivering 250 meals to NYC nurses, doctors, hospital support staff, and technicians every day. You can learn more about their initiative and donate $10 meals here.

Beyond Sushi is open for takeout and delivery right now, but they’re also sending plant-based, kosher meals to healthcare professionals. You can learn more via their GoFundMe page here.

Every night, Brooklyn Chop House is delivering donated care packages to the staff at New York Presbyterian (they also did a recent drop-off at Elmhurst Hospital). They’re offering regular delivery and takeout, as well as a 20% discount on pick-up meals for all first responders.

25% of all the Altamarea restaurant group’s gift card sales are being donated to Citymeals On Wheels, a nonprofit that’s currently delivering food to seniors in all five boroughs. You can learn more about Citymeals and donate directly to that cause here, and purchase your gift cards here.

Fields Good Chicken has a campaign called Birds For Good. Not only does it have an excellent, poultry-positive name, but it uses 100% of donations to provide healthy, chicken-y meals to employees at Mount Sinai, NYU Langone Emergency, Columbia Presbyterian, and other hospitals around the city. They have more information about how to donate on their website, and they’re also open for takeout and delivery at their 12th and University location (their other spots are currently closed).

Zucker's Bagels and Smoked Fish


In addition to offering pick-up and delivery, Zucker’s has a fund to give free bagel sandwiches to people who are hungry or homeless, school children, first responders, and hospital workers. You can see more details here.

Doughnuttery will double any donated donut order (a D.D.O., if you will) to a hospital, fire, or police station. You can call 212-633-4359 or go on their website to place your order (they’re also accepting non-donated orders for pick-up and delivery, and giving out six free donuts to any hospital worker who stops by for pick-up). Check their Instagram for details.

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