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Your curated June restaurant recommendations are here, based on the zodiac.

Hello and welcome to the Infatuation NYC Restaurant Horoscope Guide. What is The Infatuation NYC Restaurant Horoscope Guide, exactly? We’re so glad you asked. 🔮

Each month, we’ll analyze the stars and find out where your cosmic life intends to lead you and reveal what direction our many moons have mapped out for you. Where should a Leo eat on their birthday? How should Virgos approach the mid-month full moon? And what NYC restaurant could possibly satisfy a Sagittarius’s thirst for adventure? Let the universe (and us) guide you. No word from the skies about whether you’ll get a reservation, though.


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Aries, whatever you’re focused on at the moment–your job, your friends, that cute barista–you go at it with fiery energy at a feverish pace. Summer’s frenetic energy is going to pull you in a million different directions, but focus on getting a reservation at Bonnie’s, one of the most exciting dinner spots in NYC right now. Bonnie’s is a party, with buzzy energy, cocktails with fun names like “Henny Kravitz,” and Biggie blasting through the speakers.


For most people, “summer love” really means “summer fling” (especially during this social Gemini season). But you’ve never really been one for flings, and thanks to your ruling planet, Venus, it's very possible someone you meet this month might still be around in the fall. Take the reins by bringing them on a date to Nonna Dora’s. Get your own squid ink special or silky beet-filled casoncelli, but give them a hint about how serious you are by sharing a piece of the lasagna with its delicate layers and barely-there sauce.


Sure, Cancer season is approaching, but it’s still your era until the back half of the month, Gemini. You’ll want to be around as many people as possible–and be as many people as possible. Get a few friends together to sing karaoke and eat a whole lobster with Sichuan au poivre sauce at Chino Grande in Williamsburg. The food here is maximalist and difficult to classify–just like you. Starting at 10pm, karaoke takes place in front of the whole room, but you’re ready to work the room.


Cancer, it’s almost your season. The Sun enters your sign on June 21 and ushers in a new season with the summer solstice. You’re going to feel brand new, and what better place to celebrate that than at a brand new restaurant. Gugu Room is billed as NYC’s first Filipino-Japanese izakaya. This place works best when you bring a few friends, and why not. It is after all about to be your birthday.

LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22)

A turbulent, rainy May had you feeling unsure of your own star power, which is majorly destabilizing for someone used to shining so unabashedly bright. But as Mercury enters Taurus at the end of this week, you’ll get some clarity and start to feel that familiar confidence again. It’s time to go light up a room the way only a Leo can on the patio at Laser Wolf. You’ll eat charcoal-grilled meats while the Manhattan skyline sparkles in front of you at a hyped up Israeli restaurant from Philly whose arrival everyone’s been eagerly awaiting, just like yours.

VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22)

Oh Virgo, we’ve always admired how focused you are. You’ve never met an Excel spreadsheet you couldn’t conquer, and you usually get the best office birthday cake because of it. But this month, Saturn, the planet of limitations, goes retrograde, forcing you to rethink your work-life balance. Yes, even on weekdays. Schedule an after-work drink at Gem Wine. It’s only open Monday through Friday, which is fine because it’s one of the first places you'll want to go to after a long day of doing that thing you do for paychecks. You can get a bottle (or two) of wine and some small plates like lamb tartare or white beans with big chunks of confit albacore. The only requirement is you turn off your Slack notifications as soon as you have a wine glass in your hand.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22)

We start off this month with the sun in Gemini, igniting your thirst for knowledge and exploration. This is only amplified as the month goes on when a full moon in Sagittarius is eager to send you off on an adventure. Of course, Libras top this all with a touch of understated elegance and luxury–which makes the candle-lit and cashmere soft, globally-inspired restaurant Mena a perfect destination for you. The menu changes every few days, but you can expect dishes like Spanish lentils topped with a chic pile of crispy mushrooms and a plate of scallops with thin slices of radish on top. Bring someone you’re serious about, and plan a romantic trip to whichever coastline inspired the food you wind up eating.

SCORPIO (OCT. 23 -NOV. 21)

It’s going to be a moody month for you Scorpio, but what else is new. While everyone else is out during this highly social Gemini season (with a full moon in Sagittarius encouraging after-parties), you’re going to want to keep your social life small. But don’t stay holed up in your apartment all month. We know how you like to keep secrets buried deep inside. Share them at a nice, quiet omakase place with a trusted friend. Matsunori is a notable new spot with only five seatings per night for high-quality and decently-varied nigiri plus an appetizer, a handroll, and homemade mochi for $68.


This is a strangely serious month for one of the most playful signs in the zodiac. The month’s full moon is in Sagittarius—and while for the rest of the zodiac this might mean it’s time to plan a dinner party or road trip, it might be better for you to keep it small with a staycation of sorts. Make plans with a few friends for dinner at Casa Carmen. This upscale spot in Tribeca focuses on traditional Mexican food that can be found all over Veracruz, Puebla, and Oaxaca, all of which is served in a room with earthy decor that makes you think you're at a hacienda-like resort where you'd book a horseback riding lesson.


As usual, you’ve been focused on work lately, but when Mercury finally changes its course this week it’ll be moving forward through your wellness zone. It’s time to direct that laser focus into your self-care, and you can start by having a meal at Nudibranch. Order the seaweed crackers topped with raw scallops, flat iron steak with crunchy taro sticks, and creamy and crunchy cauliflower prepared three ways.


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Dinner Party


Most of the zodiac have transformed into people-persons this month, which is perfect for a big group dinner. Aquarius, it’s time to take the lead. We know you’re always the one to plan a dinner party, but you probably don’t have the kind of apartment where you can recreate Martha Stewart Living. Make a group reservation at Fort Greene’s Dinner Party instead. They recreate the real thing to a T, with unpretentious cooking, a welcoming host, and good conversation with friends and new faces. And it’s just $40-$50 per person.


You’ve never been one to shy away from your own feelings, Pisces. (Not that you have a choice.) And with Mercury moving backwards these last few weeks you’ve been in your feels more than usual. Your energy’s going to pick up as the month goes on, but no need to overwhelm yourself by getting back out into the scene too quickly. You need a serious break. Take one at the peaceful, covered patio at Strangeways surrounded by hanging plants, towering trees, and potted plants. They have a great cheeseburger, and they're super serious about their natural wines.

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