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NYC’s Delivery & Takeout Options For Every Situation

Find something great to eat for dinner at home, and support NYC restaurants while you’re at it.

Bars and restaurants in NYC are closed for dine-in service, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit in a corner and eat beans out of a can until you forget what plates look like. You can still order takeout and delivery - and help support a lot of businesses while you do it. If you need some ideas, here are a bunch of places that are perfect for everything from a Big Night In to When You Just Want A Bowl Of Something Warm. Scroll down for all the spots (organized by situation), and stay tuned for updates.

When You're Tired of Eggs and Cereal


Thai Diner


186 Mott St, New York
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Thai Diner has daytime delivery and takeout service online. If you’re wondering whether Thai Tea Babka French Toast will travel well, there’s only one way to find out. Also - their sister restaurants, Uncle Boons and Uncle Boons Sister, will continue to deliver on here and here.

The Uptown Garrison in Washington Heights is serving their full all-day menu starting at 8am every day. Call 917-261-4680 to place your takeout or delivery order.

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We’d eat Russ And Daughters smoked fish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Now that we got that out of the way, it’s important that you know they’re offering online delivery from 9am to 4pm on weekdays from their UES location. They’re also doing delivery and pickup from their Houston Street shop, but you’ll have to call 212-475-4880 24 hours in advance if you want to place an order there.

Sables, a truly first-rate appetizing shop on the Upper East Side, is offering pickup and delivery starting at 8:30am. So if you need to fill your home with smoked salmon, bagels, babka, and sturgeon you know exactly who to call. The number is 212-249-6177, but you can also order online.

Mornings are tough enough when all you need to do is remember where you keep the coffee filters, so making tomato ragout for a big plate of shakshuka probably isn’t in the cards. Fortunately, you can order a great version for delivery online from Taboonette in Greenwich Village. Just remember to get an extra side of fresh pita for dipping.

La Bonbonniere is currently pick-up-only, but if you live near the West Village, and you don’t feel like making your own pancakes or omelette, this classic diner (open at 7am daily) is ideal. Call 212-741-9266 to place your order by phone.

If you just need an egg sandwich or a bowl of yogurt with compote and granola, go online and place a delivery or pickup order at Ruby’s. This Australian cafe chain has locations in the East Village, Murray Hill, and Nolita (all of which open at 10am) - and if you’ve been eating eggs and yogurt for several days straight, you can get a burger, a salad, or some pasta instead.

If you want to freshen your sad-looking pantry (or your freezer) - know that you can order bagels for pick-up or delivery from Kossars on the LES.

Order from Post in the East Village, and you can fill your home with biscuits. You can have a biscuit with avocado and a fried egg, a biscuit with pulled pork and a fried egg, or a biscuit BEC with tomato and arugula. They also have biscuits and gravy - and they even do a vegan version. Overall, this is a very strong breakfast or brunch move, and you can start ordering online at 8am.

Bubby’s has been around so long that it’s a classic at this point. Even the name is a little comforting. Both the Meatpacking and the original Tribeca locations are open for pickup and delivery, with everything from biscuits and gravy and fried chicken with a side of pancakes to a pancake flight with three kinds of pancakes. If you also agree that now is the perfect time to eat those things, call 212-219-0666 or order online.

If making bagel sandwiches were a professional sport, Shelsky’s would be an all star with a shoe deal. Get your bagel with pastrami smoked salmon, or go for the Brooklyn Native with whitefish, Nova, chopped herring, and pickles. Place your order online at either the Gowanus or Boerum Hill location, or call ahead if you plan on picking up a bulk order of bagels and smoked fish (718-855-8817). They’re open from 8am-4pm daily.

Tom’s is an old-school diner-type place, and it’s a Prospect Heights institution. The menu is massive with over 10 different kinds of pancakes (always a great choice here) as well as a bunch of stuff like crab cakes, omelettes, and chocolate cake french toast. The hours are currently 8am-3pm, and you can order delivery online or call 718-636-9738 for takeout.

Krupa Grocery in Windsor Terrace doesn’t start takeout and delivery until noon - but there’s a decent chance you’ll sleep until noon one of these days, then wake up and know, deep down, that you need lemon ricotta pancakes. Those pancakes are available all day, along with their gnocchi, lamb burger, and - perhaps most importantly - mimosas and other alcoholic beverages. Get delivery directly from their website or call 718-709-7098 for pickup.

Look in the mirror and say, “Tasty Deli” three times. Nothing will happen, but you’ll know exactly where to order a sandwich from in Washington Heights. If it’s the morning (they open around 7am), bet a BEC or a bagel. Or, if you need something substantial that could still qualify as brunch, get a massive sandwich mozzarella and a chicken cutlet or steak with mushrooms and Russian dressing. This place has been open since 1957, so they know what they’re doing, and you can get delivery or pickup by calling them directly at 212-923-0700.

When You Just Want a Bowl of Something Warm

Saigon Social is offering a daily-changing takeout and delivery menu of Vietnamese dishes, like a bowl of chicken pho, which has enough rich chicken broth, fresh cilantro, and spicy chllis to inspire you to stand up on your couch and do a power pose out of sheer adrenaline. Call 646-609-3202 or go online to place your order.

The Persian stews at Ravagh are ideal for nights that make you wish you owned scented candles and a light dimmer. The huge portions of lamb shank stew or chicken in pomegranate sauce are fantastic, and they’re likely to make you fall asleep on your couch before you get through the opening credits of whatever movie you finally got around to watching.

The soups at Russ & Daughters are like the members of Queen not named Freddie Mercury - they don’t get the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still great. The matzo ball soup and borscht are classics, and the heavier whitefish chowder is both a delicious bowl of soup and a reminder why the smoked fish here hogs the spotlight. Add a side of whitefish or lox to whichever soup you order, and pick it all up at their locations in the Navy Yard or LES, or have it delivered from their cafe in the Jewish Museum on the Upper East Side.

If chicken noodle soup got dumped for being too boring, it’d do some soul searching and return as the torigara ramen at Nakamura. With light chicken broth, nori, and chashu pork, it’s the reason you should order delivery from the LES spot, which is available here or via phone at 212-614-1810.

This Taiwanese place has a takeout and delivery menu online (and they’re teaming up with Ho Foods and Raku to deliver Bento Boxes to hospitals around NYC - you can check out their Instagram page for more details on how to help).

You’ve probably already heard about the bagels, lox, and babka at Sadelle’s, but what about the soups? They deserve to be talked about behind their backs, too. Especially when it comes to the matzo ball soup with herbs, chunks of tender chicken, and a baseball-sized matzo ball to soak it all up.

All of the fantastic curry dishes at Adda, like ones with creamy butter chicken or spicy goat that falls off the bone, are ideal warm bowl candidates, but you’d be missing out if you didn’t add some samosas or cheese-stuffed naan to your order from this Indian spot in Long Island City, too.


Ivan Ramen



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If you want temperature heat and spice heat at the same time, the answer is simple: the spicy red chili ramen from Ivan Ramen. Both their LES and Hell’s Kitchens locations are available for delivery.

Hanoi House is joining forces with its more casual sister restaurant, Hanoi Soup Shop, to make its fantastic pho available for delivery. Our favorite is the beef pho, which lets off soup’s equivalent of pheromones as steam rises from the incredibly rich broth, and comes with your choice of two meats, like oxtail and filet mignon.

Chuko is primarily a ramen spot, and the spicy kimchi ramen with ground pork is one of our favorite versions in Brooklyn, but you’d be missing out if you don’t start with the pork buns lathered with chili mayo.

When you want a bowl (or in this case, a 16-ounce cup) of hearty soup, but you’re more in the mood for a snack than an entire meal, bone broth is a good option. And the best place to get it delivered is from Brodo, which serves more than 15 varieties ranging from chicken broth that’s like distilled Cambell’s to seaweed and mushroom broth with bone marrow.

Raku’s gyunan udon is what you want on the table after a long day of work, and the tantan udon with spicy pork broth is what you want when a quarter of that day was spent troubleshooting screen sharing. No matter which type of day you had, order udon (and fried chicken with spicy mayo) for delivery from this Japanese spot’s Soho or East Village location.

Thursday Kitchen now has pick-up available via phone at 646-755-8088 or online. Yes, that includes their alcoholic Capri Sun packs - as well as a bunch of other good stuff like cauliflower fried rice, crispy chicken, and lobster mac and cheese.

When You Want Something Affordable

Field Trip makes things incredibly simple. Just order a bowl of their food, then eat it. This Harlem spot specializes in rice bowls with everything from brisket and chicken to shrimp and salmon, and nothing costs more than $15. As an added bonus, you can easily balance one of these bowls on your lap while you watch TV with your roommate, your cat, or your roommate’s cat.

Some good news for everyone in Lower Manhattan who easily falls prey to nostalgia, Golden Diner started serving a rotating “Happy Meal.” Each one costs $7, comes with enough food for a whole meal, and changes every few days (so far, they’ve done spicy dan dan noodles and tempura-baked cod with garlic fried rice and broccoli). The Happy Meals are only available for pick-up, so call 917-472-7800 to schedule yours. In case you want other options, Golden Diner’s regular menu is also available for delivery.

Everything at this Peruvian spot comes in large portions at pretty affordable prices, including things like ceviche and a whole rotisserie chicken with french fries, fried plantains, rice and beans, and salad that will easily feed five adults. You can place your delivery or pick-up order online.

Another wonderful uptown spot where you can get a one-bowl meal, Teranga specializes in West African-inspired grain bowls. We’re partial to their joloff bowl with salmon and black eyed peas, but you can always just mix and match ingredients to make whatever you want. Just be sure to get the fried plantains.

Roy’s specializes in great, affordable sushi, and most of the platters at this UES spot cost less than $15. And, since this is a fish market, you can also order fish. So get dinner for tonight, and do some grocery shopping for tomorrow while you’re at it. Just be sure to call 212-838-3587 for takeout or delivery.

Insa started serving $15 meals that come with rice, banchan, and other good stuff. These are only available for pick-up right now, and you can place your order by calling 718-855-2620. If you don’t live in Gowanus, they also have their full menu available for delivery.

If you don’t currently remember what a good Neapolitan tastes like, call San Matteo on the UES. In addition to pizza, they also serve pasta, salads, and magical pizza-dough sandwiches known as panuozzi. Call them at 212-861-2434 - and if you need some wine delivered, they have that too.

Maybe there’s a void in your life, and the only thing that will fill it is a big buffalo chicken sandwich. Order from Tiny’s on the Lower East Side. And if buffalo chicken isn’t your thing, go for the tuna melt, the BLT, or a big chicken caesar salad. Order delivery online or call 212-228-4919 for takeout.

If you’ve never ordered from Patacon Pisao, take this opportunity to do so. Unsurprisingly, they specialize in patacons (sandwiches made with fried plantain), and their cubano version is one of the most satisfying and decadent things you can have delivered to your home. There’s a location on the LES along with two more in Elmhurst and Inwood, and if you’re looking for something other than a patacon, they also have arepas and cachapas.

Chances are, you want Pies N Thighs right now. We know this, because we want Pies N Thighs right now. A chicken biscuit sounds good, and we could also go for some fried chicken, cheese grits, and pecan pie. Order directly from this Williamsburg spot’s website or give them a call at 347-529-6090.

Maybe you’ve already ordered pizza one or two times since you started living your entire life in the corner of your apartment with the most natural light. Do you really need more pizza? If it’s from Best Pizza, yes. Order a large white pie with sesame-seed covered crust, then order a second and store it in your freezer.

Listen, maybe it’s a few days since you had a good pork bun, or maybe it’s only been a few hours. Either way, you need Shanghai 21. This Chinatown spot serves excellent soup dumplings in addition to great pork buns, and they have an expansive menu with everything from rice cakes and dan dan noodles to many different kinds of beef, chicken, and shrimp. Go online or call 212 766-6311 to order.

If you assume that your life would be improved with some fried prawns, Hainanese chicken, or flaky, buttery roti canai from West New Malaysia, you’re correct. Fortunately, this Malaysian spot in Chinatown is still open for delivery and pickup, and there are plenty of things on the menu (like the curry soups) for less than $15.

Another great Astoria spot still open for pickup and delivery, Pye Boat Noodle makes some excellent Thai food, and, unsurprisingly, we’re fans of their boat noodles. But if, for some reason, you don’t want a big bowl of warm noodles in a slightly sweet broth with pork rinds and meatballs, there are a bunch of other options like pad kee mao and fried wings as well. Call 718-685-2329 or visit their site and order online.

Order some Isan Thai food from Somtum Der. Get some larb, papaya salad, or pad ki mao moo with ground pork and crispy basil. Most dishes cost less than $15 - and, while the food from this East Village restaurant is ideal for sharing, we strongly encourage you to order a bunch of different things for yourself, then make several exceptional meals out of leftovers.

We often think about the pernil, tostones, and Cuban sandwich from Pilar Cuban Eatery in Bed-Stuy. The next time this happens, we’ll call for delivery at 718-623-2822 or make a delivery order online. Do the same. And try the yuca fries.

Maybe you’re looking for something you can eat with one hand while you attempt to work from home with the other. Get an arepa stuffed with pernil or beer, cheese, and plantains from Arepera Guacuco. They have locations in Bushwick (347-305-3300) and Bed-Stuy (718-387-2300), all of the arepas are $10 or less, and you can call directly for delivery.

When Taim delivers a falafel platter, they wrap the falafel and pita separate from the salad and hummus, keeping everything fresh and warm. And that’s exactly the sort of care and attention you need in your life right now. So order a big platter or just get a pita and a side of fries with saffron aioli. There are locations in Flatiron, Nolita, and FiDi, as well as the original in the West Village.

If you live near the Upper West Side, don’t overthink things. Order a pizza from Mama’s Too - preferably one covered in thick pepperoni cups or four kinds of cheese and cracked black pepper (their take on cacio e pepe). A whole pie will, admittedly, cost you around $30 - but for the first time ever, you can also order a half pie. Just place your order directly from their website.

When You Want to Have a Big Night In

Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Tarrytown and Blue Hill in the city have a few takeout box options for fresh produce, prepared food, bread, meat, and wine. They’re only available for pick-up, and you can schedule yours on their website - where there’s also an option to donate a box to hospital workers.

Contra and Wildair now have a delivery and takeout menu available online, including dishes like lamb birria bowls, biscuits, and crab congee. The operation is called “Contrair,” which is sort of like the “Brangelina” or “Kimye” of the delivery business.

In addition to teaming up with the Restaurant Workers Relief Program and The Lee Initiative to provide free meals for hospitality workers, Gertie is also making weekend takeout and delivery available for the public. You can order a chicken dinner, booze, and basic kitchen supplies from 4pm-8pm every weekend (they also have a coffee to-go window open every day except Monday).

This excellent Chinatown restaurant is doing their own delivery and takeout for the first time ever. So if you’re planning a Big Night In, or had a wonderful premonition about a bowl of mapo tofu and a gargantuan Peking duck, all you have to do is call 212-966-6002 and place your order.

Politely tell your spouse that taco night is off. You can now order a selection of Cosme’s menu online, including a half-pound of duck carnitas with toppings and salsas for $28. You can save your shredded cheese for another opportunity.

The bucatini amatriciana from Sandro’s makes all of our bad days better, and it should help yours too. You can place your takeout or delivery order online or by calling 212-288-7374.

If you’re celebrating something special, like a birthday or the anniversary of staying in your apartment for more than a week straight, consider ordering the $32 butcher’s selection from Cote. That meat feast and a bunch of other Korean barbecue specials are available for takeout and delivery. Also - three percent of all their sales go to City Harvest.

Reverence in Harlem has rotating, three-course bento boxes for pick-up. They’re only available on weekends, and you can pre-order yours through their website.

If you’re like us, eating the buttery French food at Le French Diner in the LES is a therapeutic exercise not unlike walking around the block or doing a sun salutation. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to stop now since they’re offering pick-up at their restaurant. Call 212-777-1577 to place your order.

For the first time ever, Melba’s in Harlem is making their soul food available for delivery. They’ll be taking orders for mac and cheese, wine-braised short ribs and so much more between noon and 9pm.

The Bayside and Astoria locations of this famous Greek restaurant are now delivering their entire menus. Sure, you can’t currently have a big group feast in public, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own feast of octopus, lamb chops, and lemony potatoes on your dining room table.

If you live within walking distance of Four Horsemen in Williamsburg, you can pick-up some of their menu, as well as interesting bottles of wine and Nightmoves cocktail kits. Their dinner options change every week, with things like roasted chicken, miso chocolate chip cookies, and other snacks that are likely to improve your otherwise mundane Thursday evening. Everything is listed on their website, and you can also purchase merch and gift cards while you’re at it.

Tokyo Record Bar and Niche Niche are collaborating on a $20 bento box that includes sections like spicy pickles, katsu, rice, salad, dessert and more. The menu changes every day, so make sure to check their Instagram page for details. They’re also selling their inventory of sake and Champagne. It’s only available for pick-up right now, and you can schedule yours on Resy.

Carbone is one of the toughest places to get a reservation in the city, so offering delivery is kind of the equivalent of Yo-Yo Ma making himself available to play background music while you work. You won’t experience the servers in red tuxedos preparing caesar salads tableside, but eating the spicy rigatoni vodka or veal parmesan in your apartment whenever you want makes up for it.

Minetta is the kind of place where you gesture for another martini with one hand while holding a billy club-sized rack of bone marrow with the other. And that’s just the appetizer course. By the time you finish the phenomenal black label burger or the bone-in NY strip at the restaurant, you feel a mix of joy about the food, and dread about standing up to leave. But if you order them to your apartment, you’ll never have to leave.

The Sichuan food at Cafe China is so good that people typically wait an hour or more for a table. And now that you can order delivery here, you can get dishes like diced rabbit that starts salty and ends numbingly spicy, or mapo tofu that dissolves when you bite into it without having to linger around Midtown East.

Katz’s pastrami sandwich would be in the Smithsonian if the museum had a refrigerated display case. It’s one of the most famous dishes in NYC, and with meat that’s too tender to cut with a slicer, that’s for good reason. The sandwich, as well as this LES institution’s potato knishes and matzo ball soup, is available for takeout and delivery.

BBQ is tough to do well at home, especially if other people in the building are touchy about their candles being overpowered by the smell of baked beans and smoked meat. Fortunately, Fette Sau in Williamsburg offers pickup and delivery, so you can make your living room look like a medieval banquet hall without upsetting the neighbors. And there’s the added benefit of not giving a sh*t that your face being is covered in barbecue sauce.

Raoul’s in Soho is known for juicy steak au poivre, big booths you could disappear into for hours, and a limited-supply burger you can only really eat if you arrive at 4:30pm and cross your fingers. But now you can order their famous burger (and a menu of other French bistro things) anytime between noon and 9pm every day - as long as they have some left for the day. Call 212-966-3518 for pick-up orders, and go here or here for delivery.

After cleaning your stove and watching a Youtube video about how to sharpen knives, you’re ready to cook a really impressive meal. The problem is, well, you don’t know how. Rezdora makes it simple. You can pick up housemade pastas and sauces at this Flatiron Italian spot, and then pat yourself on the back for making fantastic spaghetti with duck ragu at home. Or, you can also order fully prepared dishes for delivery online. Either way, choose a few bottles from the restaurant’s Northern Italian wine list, which they’re offering at retail price.

This iconic UES deli is open for delivery and pick-up. You can call them at 212-734-1500 or place your order online. (You want extra pickles).

This Korean restaurant has a limited selection of their menu listed online for pick-up and delivery in the Columbus Circle area, like a massive plate of braised short rib and a trio of kimchi.

Sure, the beautiful brownstones and tree-lined streets by the park are nice, but the real selling point that’d get us to move to Park Slope is the Italian food at Al Di La. The housemade pastas - like squash and mascarpone-filled ravioli and tagliatelle al ragu - are available for delivery here.

Katsuei’s sushi platters are arguably the best option when it comes to sushi quality and price in the city. The $65 omakase includes premium pieces like toro, barracuda, and firefly squid, but even the $35 option gets you nine different pieces of delicious fish and a roll. Order from the West Village location here or the Park Slope original on Postmates.

If you want to throw yourself a meat, cheese, and pasta party, consider Briciola your caterer. They’re taking online orders for pick-up and delivery.

When You Want to Stock Your Fridge

In addition to their menu of dim sum available for pick-up and delivery, Nom Wah Nolita is also selling 1.5 pounds of frozen dumplings of all kinds. And, since they’re frozen, you should probably buy a lot of them and make it a weekly snack routine.

If you have access to a grill or a trusty cast iron skillet (or even if you don’t), consider ordering a steak care package from Cote. You can email to place your steak order, and check out their menu on here if you’d prefer already-cooked meat for delivery or takeout. Also - three percent of all their online sales go to City Harvest.

Hearth has a wine window at Brodo (their soup place in the neighborhood) where you can pick up 50% off bottles. They’re also taking orders for broth to-go.

If you want to freshen your sad-looking pantry (or your freezer) - know that you can order bagels for pick-up or delivery from Kossars on the LES.

Maman makes Oprah’s favorite cookie. They also make some of our favorite cookies (although we acknowledge that we are less important than Oprah). In addition to their full menu of pastries and quiches, you can order cookie dough kits and coffee kits for pick-up or delivery by calling the Soho, Greenpoint, or Nomad locations. Plus, $5 from each kit purchase goes directly to the Maman employee fund.

There has never been a better time to build beautiful sandwiches. If you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn and want great deli meat, bread, and olives, you can order from either Ends Meat location (call 929-306-6014 for Manhattan, and 718-801-8895 for Brooklyn). They’re available every day, just make sure to place your order before 4pm.

You’re on your very last coffee filter and you’re getting nervous. Know that The Goods Mart has their full inventory here right now, meaning you can stock up on grocery and convenience items, as well as sandwiches from Alidoro, all while feeling good about supporting a small business. Their current hours are 9am-5pm on weekdays and 11am-4pm on Saturdays.

Rezdora has pasta dinner kits available for pick-up, like a $40 package that includes dry pasta for two with your choice of pomodoro, duck ragu, and vegetarian mushroom ragu. They also have tiramisu, gelato, and their entire list of Northern Italian wines at retail value. To get yours, fill out the form on their website and then strategize the best walking route to Flatiron.

In addition to typical delivery and takeout service, Kopitiam on the Lower East Side is making DIY kaya toast sets for $18 and DIY Nasi Lemak sets for $25. All you have to do is Venmo @moonlynn-tsai a day in advance and then go pick it up. One of these will endure you for several breakfasts, snacks, and 5pm dinners you eat because you get bored.

When the Only Vegetable You've Eaten Recently Is an Olive

It’s unclear whether natural wine is healthier than conventionally made ones, so to err on the side of caution, add a soup with beans and kale or roast chicken with pepper relish to your wine order from The Four Horsemen. They’re offering natural wines, food, and cocktails for pickup every day during the week via their website.

Nami Nori is offering their full menu of handrolls for lunch and dinner delivery, including a set of five for $25 and a bunch of vegan options.

Spicy Moon in the East Village makes vegetarian and vegan Szechuan food. Sure, a lot of it is fried and starchy, but there are plenty of healthy dishes to remedy the fact that you haven’t touched a fresh vegetable in recent memory.

Sweetgreen makes any day a little bit better. It’s fast, easy to keep things under $15, and as reliable as a sturdy ladder. Now, you can order your salad to your apartment, without any delivery fees whatsoever, all through the Sweetgreen site.

You did a massive fridge cleanse a few days ago, and it revealed a scary truth: the only produce you have at home is an onion that’s been hiding for who knows how long. Good thing Teranga in East Harlem will deliver you a bowl you can mix any protein with things like Iberian rice, fried plantains, peanut sauce. This is also a great option if you’re vegan.

Asking if roast chicken is technically healthy is sort of like asking if something is beautiful. It’s in the eye of the beholder. If you land on the “yes” side of this conundrum, we’d suggest ordering from Chirping Chicken - they make some of our absolute favorite poultry in the whole city and their delivery range covers most of upper Manhattan and the east side.

It’s possible a big bowl of raw fish, rice, and toppings sounds like your personal form of protein-focused luxury. Even if that’s not the case, you can probably still acknowledge that Chikarashi’s poke bowls aren’t something you’re making at home (unless you have a casual, sushi-grade fish supplier). You can place your delivery order directly through their website or online.

Brown rice, beans, avocado, cilantro, black olives, cheddar, sour cream, salsa, and some garlicky special sauce. Those are the only nine ingredients in the gluten-free bowls at The Whole Bowl in Williamsburg, and together they taste like a nacho platter that turned in its cleats for a spot on the student council. They can be made vegan, and they come in three different sizes - 12, 16, and 24 ounces - which are all less than $12 and available [here](

Tiny’s Giant is a great delivery option when you and your roommate are prioritizing very different food groups. One of you can order a very large salad with avocado, chickpeas, and a bunch of mixed vegetables, while the other can get an even larger sandwich with roast beef or chicken parmesan. This LES spot is open from 10am-5pm with delivery via Seamless or takeout available by phone at 212-228-4919.

Just thinking about Lighthouse Outpost’s whole sweet potato right now makes us want to order delivery from this Nolita Mediterranean spot. It comes with smoky labne and a spicy green relish on top, and sure, it’s still a potato. But it’s also a sweet potato, and you can get a great salad on the side. Health accomplished.

Blank Slate serves salads with artichoke hearts and shaved fennel, and sandwiches with roast turkey and cranberry goat cheese, and if you worked around Nomad or Midtown East, you’d go for lunch three times a week. But no matter where you’re working from, you can have it delivered any day between 8am-3pm by ordering through their website.

Taim is delicious, healthy, and filling, which is why if you work nearby, your daily lunch decision probably just comes down to pita or platter. That doesn’t need to change if you’re stuck at home, as all five Manhattan locations are delivering [online]here.

When You Want Something Spicy

Here’s an activity idea: order the wing roulette from Frangos in the East Village and simulate your very own episode of Hot Wings. Each order comes with ten wings covered in Frangos’ various, unidentified Portuguese peri peri sauces. There are some mild ones, like lemon herb, as well as a few that require some starch or milk nearby. And it’s really fun to guess which wing is which.

Just because there are no live sports to watch doesn’t mean you can’t find opportunities to eat buffalo wings. Whether you’re watching the 1997 Knicks-Heat series on ESPN Classic, or you just want to get messy eating delicious, spicy fried chicken, order delivery from Blondies at 212-362-3311.

If you’re in Manhattan, we suggest ordering spicy Isan food from Somtum Der in the East Village. They have a bunch of larb options that should be like a mini workout for your senses, as well as some great somtum salads. Something else to consider: watch Midsommar and post a Mid-Somtum Der pun no one on your socials asked for.

Most of our favorite dishes at Hwa Yuan in Chinatown involve garlic, spicy szechuan peppers, and ginger (like the tiger shrimp, whole fish with spicy bean sauce, or mapo tofu). For the first time ever, Hwa Yuan is doing their own delivery and takeout. All you have to do is call 212-966-6002 and place your order.

Ordering Mexico 2000 is perfect if you want to order approximately one or two dishes that have a kick. For spicy, stick to the Mexican dishes like the tinga sopa and spicy pork enchiladas.

When You Want Something Vegetarian or Vegan

Nami Nori is offering their full menu of handrolls for lunch and dinner delivery, including a set of five vegan rolls for $28.

photo credit: Noah Devereaux

Avant Garden review image

Avant Garden

If you’re tired of alternating between veggie burgers and canned beans for protein, get takeout from Avant Garden. From 12pm to 9pm, you can order interesting combinations of vegetables, toast, and pasta to your door. Everything at this East Village spot is vegan and you’ll get 20% off if you call the restaurant directly to place your order.

Want our advice? Get the dan dan noodles and steamed dumplings from this vegetarian Szechuan spot delivered before your next all-day sleep binge. And even if you don’t plan on going nocturnal anytime soon, you should still get takeout from either the East Village or West Village location of Spicy Moon the next time you want dinner at home to be exciting again.

If you get delivery or takeout through Risbo’s website, you get 10% off the whole order. This all-day Prospect Lefferts Gardens spot has great options for introducing some vegetables into your system, or whenever eggs and avocados start to lose their shimmer.

Saigon Social is offering a daily-changing takeout and delivery menu of Vietnamese dishes (including a lot of vegetarian options) to inspire you to stand up on your couch and do a power pose out of sheer adrenaline. Call 646-609-3202 or go online to place your order.

Champs is permanently closed


Maybe being alone in your apartment with a seitan philly cheesesteak is your idea of the perfect Friday night in. We support you. Make it happen by ordering takeout from Champs Diner, the go-to spot for vegan junk food in Brooklyn. You can call the restaurant from 10am to 10pm, or get delivery through most major platforms.

If you want some Mexican takeout or delivery in the Bushwick area, you can order Gordo’s online. They even have a seperate vegetarian section of their takeout menu.

The LES and West Village locations of Jajaja are doing takeout and delivery through all major platforms right now. So if you’re looking for a vegan chorizo burrito, sweet potato tacos, or nachos large enough to pass as an offering to the God of Nachos herself, get a meal from them.

When It's 11pm

Let’s say you take a nap out of boredom around 8pm and wake up hungry at midnight. Don’t panic. Joe’s is there for you. This - wonderful, delicious, near-perfect - pizza place has delivery and pickup until 1am every night, and they have locations in the West Village (212-366-1182), East Village (212-388-9474), Williamsburg (718-388-2216), Midtown (212-388-9474), and FiDi (212-267-0860).

Harlem Shake has frozen drinks, burgers, and other comforting things to eat in your apartment available for takeout and delivery from 11am to 11pm every weekday (and 11am to 2am on weekends).

Lil Frankies is still open until 2am every night. And for this we give thanks. The next time you need chicken parm, a kale caesar, or some spaghetti limone at midnight, give this East Village Italian spot a call at 212- 420-4900 for either pickup or delivery.

Another, slightly more upscale East Village Italian spot from the same people behind Lil Frankies, Frank is open for pickup and delivery until 12am every night. Call 212-420-0202 for roast chicken and housemade gnocchi.

If fried little pockets of meat and vegetables sound good, Empanada Mama is offering delivery and pick-up until midnight every day.

The Black Swan is an exceptional neighborhood pub in Bed-Stuy, specializing in stuff like wings, burgers, and bangers and mash. It’s all very British and perfectly appropriate for 11pm or later, and you can either order online or call 718-783-4744.

Melbas in Harlem is open for delivery from 12pm to 12am daily. Melbas also has delicious fried chicken, shortribs, and catfish. Consider these two pieces of information, and the conclusion you should reach is that Melba’s is the ideal midnight snack. Call 212-864-7777 for pickup, or order delivery online.

At Maya Taqueria in Prospect Heights, the quesadillas always have the perfect cheese-to-meat ratio, and the burritos are the size of pugs. And those are two excellent reasons to order from this Mission-style burrito spot at 11:15pm on a Tuesday night. Call 718-638-6292 or place an order directly through their website.

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