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Power is a powerful thing. When wielded correctly, it will get you things like money, and friends, and boats, and friends that have boats. But power doesn't come without a cost. It must be attained, maintained, and - most importantly - fed. So what does power feed on? Compliments, obviously. But also food. So when you and your powerful self needs to have a power lunch in Midtown, where do you go? Obviously anywhere that serves steak and single malt scotch at 2pm. But we've got some other ideas that will help you switch things up and still be closing.

In the event that you're not looking to drop that kind of money, or you're just really tired of day drinking and deal cutting, there's another way to feel powerful and satisfied - watch the second season of Billions on Showtime, returning with new episodes every Sunday at 10/9c beginning February 19th. The first season was full of power and conflict and yes, sometimes even lunch. We're into it.

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The spots



Columbus Circle / Midtown
240 Central Park S.

Nothing says “I intend to do business with you and/or crush you" like taking someone to lunch at Marea and making them watch you eat a pasta with bone marrow in it. Think about it. Eating the inside of an animal's bones in a refined environment is SAVAGE. You are not to be tangled with.


The Modern

9 W. 53rd St.

The Modern is a classic Midtown restaurant, Perfect For for negotiating over a $160, six -course meal. Because we all know that the best negotiation strategy is to slowly wear your adversary down with foie gras and wine until he or she gives you whatever you want.


Having lunch at a restaurant that puts an extra “i" in the word American is the ultimate power move. Why? Because running sh*t and closing deals is not a team sport. This is about you, your business objectives, and some expensive homemade potato chips because those things are delicious here.


Nobu 57

40 W. 57th St.

Nobu is great for a lunch meeting when you want to communicate both power and your ability to properly use chopsticks. Coordination and dexterity are extremely important in business. The tiradito and yellowtail jalapeño are also just really good.


Have you been closing deals and power lunching so hard lately that your doctor had to tell you to lay off the red meat? Hit Milos next time for a lighter business meeting with some heart-healthy fish. This one will also ease up on your expense account a bit, since the three- course lunch menu here is only $29.


Quality Italian

57 W. 57th St.

Tired of having to choose when you're feeling both steak and chicken parm for lunch? Quality Italian is the red sauce spinoff of a popular Midtown steak joint, and it's got a huge menu of both steakhouse classics and Italian favorites. Yes, you can have it all.

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