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The Best Happy Hours In NYC

PHOTO: Noah Devereaux

Every day, you show up to work ready and able to tackle whatever comes your way - or to look productive enough not to get fired. And when that glorious moment arrives when you’ve either crossed enough tasks off your to-do list or read the entire internet, you deserve to bust out of that office and get yourself to the nearest drinking facility. HAPPY HOUR IS A CIVIL RIGHT. And we’re here to help you exercise that right.

This is your back-pocket guide to the best Happy Hours in New York City, organized by neighborhood and updated for 2017. All the deals, days, and times listed here have been fact-checked, so you can make your plans with confidence.

Read up, drink up, repeat.

The Spots

lower east side


Bonnie Vee

17 Stanton St

When: Mon-Fri, 5-8pm

The Deal: $5 Drafts; $8 Wine; $10 Select Cocktails

This is one LES bar that doesn’t get too crazy. It’s a little neighborhood spot, and they make some good drinks, but you won’t find anyone dancing here. Grab a seat in the corner and drink a frozen cocktail. And if the weather is nice, check out the backyard.


When: Mon-Fri, Sun, 5-7pm

The Deal: 2 For 1 (Per Person) Select Beer, Wine, And Well Drinks

A quaint bar on the LES with old-timey vibes and some very good small plates. Come here with a first date and have some charcuterie or a goat cheese tartine.


When: Daily, 6-8pm

The Deal: .99 cent North Shore Oysters; $3 Genesee Cream Ale; $8-9 Select Wine; $9 Select Cocktails

Black Crescent is a dark little bar on the LES that happens to serve some really good oysters, and also stuffed calamari and duck pot pie. But aside from the food, it’s pretty normal here. Stop by for a low-key happy hour.

Photo: Noah Devereaux

When: Daily, 5-8pm

The Deal: 2 for 1 beers

Eastwood is bright and casual, and sort of feels like a coffee shop with alcohol. Hang out and get some 2-for-1 beers (this place is beer-and-wine-only), and have some of their Mediterranean/Middle Eastern bar food if you’re hungry.


169 Bar

Lower East Side
169 E Broadway

When: Daily, 12pm-7:30pm

The Deal: $3 Can of Beer & Well Shot; $1 Off Can Beers & Drafts; $2 Off Everything Else

Things get weird at 169 Bar. Probably not the best place to come with coworkers, unless they like to get weird too. Also of note: you can text in your order.


Verlaine Bar & Lounge

110 Rivington St

When: Daily, 5-10pm

The Deal: $6 Lychee Martinis; $6 Sangria; $6 Red And White Wine; $4 Yuengling

A minimalist, “lounge” type place whose best asset is its till-10pm Happy Hour. The next time your finance friends complain about never making it to Happy Hour, send them Verlaine’s way.


When: Daily, 5-8pm

The Deal: $4 Well Drinks; $5 Drafts And Glasses Of Wine

Not as cheap as it once was, but $4 for a well drink is till pretty decent. Overall, this is a very normal bar on the LES. Nothing special, but it’s an alright place to hang out.


When: Mon-Sat, 5:30-7pm

The Deal: $1.50 Oysters; $5 Session Beers; $7 Wines; $10 Cocktails

A fantastic choice for a first date, made even better (i.e. cheaper) during Happy Hour.


Local 138

138 Ludlow St

When: Daily, 4-9pm

The Deal: $4 Draft Beers, Well Drinks, and Wines

Your standard neighborhood pub, complete with lots of wood paneling and sports on TV.


When: Daily, 5-8pm & Mondays All Night

The Deal: $1 Oysters; $5 Drafts; $6 Well Cocktails; $6 Select Wines

A great little cocktail bar that flies pretty under the radar. You can use the money you’re saving on drinks towards the tasty small plates.

soho & nolita



200 Mott St

When: Weekdays 4-7pm, 10pm-close

The Deal: $5 Beer; $6 Wine

Officially one of our Super Cute, Reasonably Priced Restaurants To Catch Up With A Few Friends, Epistrophy is a solid choice for some relatively quiet, early-evening drinks. They also do a lot of food, like kale salad, pasta, and steak.


When: Daily, 5-7pm

The Deal: $5 Off All Glasses Of Wine (Except Mystery Wine); $5 Snacks

La Compagnie is one of the better wine bars in NYC, and it feels sort of like a living room. There’s plenty of seating, and it’s good for groups or a first date. Maybe do this at happy hour, when the glasses of wine cost as little as $5.

Photo: Noah Fecks

The Brooklyneer

West Village
220 W. Houston St.

When: Daily, 4-7pm, 11:30-7pm on weekends

The Deal: $3 Brooklyneer Pilsner; $7 Selected Wines And Well Drinks

We’re still not sure why a bar in Manhattan needs to celebrate Brooklyn, but we’re OK with it because the bar food here is great, and it’s a good go-to for any serious soccer fans.


Botanica Bar

47 E Houston St

When: Mon-Fri, 4-8pm

The Deal: $3-5 Drafts; $5 Glasses Of Wine; $4 Well Cocktails

The closest thing you’ll find to a dive in Nolita. Big bonus: they let you order in takeout.


When: Weekdays, 12-7pm; Weekends, 4-7pm

The Deal: $2 Off Drafts

A very useful beer hall with solid food, this is a pre-Bowery Ballroom move we rely on.


When: Daily, till 8pm

The Deal: $10 cocktails

The sister bar to Randolph Beer is smaller, “cuter,” and specializes in cocktails.


Tom & Jerry's

288 Elizabeth St

When: Weekdays, 5-7pm

The Deal: $5 Draft Beers; $5 Well Drinks

A divey, cash-only spot that used to be where the city’s “tech” people hung out. They’ve since graduated to more expensive spots.


When: Daily, 2-7pm

The Deal: $1 Off Everything (Except Wine)

You come to Sweet & Vicious for two things: frozen margaritas (they’re especially potent here) and an outdoor patio. If you’re here in the warmer months, it’s great for big groups.



20 Prince St

When: Tues-Thurs, 4-7pm (Only Upstairs At The Bar)

The Deal: $5 Drafts; $7 Glasses Of Wine; $8 Cocktails

French bistro vibes smack dab in the middle of Nolita. It’s a tourist’s dream, but they also make pretty solid cocktails.


Houston Hall

222 W Houston St

When: Weekdays, 4-7pm

The Deal: $2 Sliders; $6 Apps; $6 Drafts, Glasses of Wine, Cocktails

Right next door to The Brooklyneer is this giant, rowdy beer hall. If you feel like going back to college, this is a good start.



406 Broome St.

When: Weekdays, 4-7pm

The Deal: $6 Well Drinks, Genesee Cream Ale, House Wine; $5 Fernet Shots all Day

Conveniently located in the center of Soho, this place is a good bet for coworkers drinks or any other situation where you need something “safe.”

noho & east village


When: Weekdays, 4-7pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters, .50 cent Littleneck Clams, $3-4 Beer, $7 Wine, $8 Cocktails

Good Night Sonny is a cocktail bar in the East Village, but it doesn’t take itself as seriously as PDT or Death & Co. And as much as we like Death & Co., we appreciate the casual vibes here. And $8 margaritas and martinis don’t hurt.



432 E 13th St

When: Tues-Sat, 4-10pm; Sun-Mon, All Day

The Deal: 2 For 1 Drinks

These people do a very impressive happy hour. It lasts for six hours most days and goes all day Sunday and Monday. All drinks are 2 for 1 - and the only catch is that this bar itself isn’t too impressive. It’s a little, divey neighborhood place, but it can be fun with a group of friends.


When: Daily, 5-7pm

The Deal: $5 Snacks; $10 Glasses Of Wine, $16 Sanger Champagne

A small bar in the East Village serving excellent wine and some surprisingly good small plates. If wine is a priority for you (or you’re with a wine person), come here for happy hour. It’s one the nicer options in the East Village.


Maiden Lane

162 Avenue B

When: Weekdays, 4-7pm

The Deal: $2 Off Everything

Maiden Lane is an Alphabet City bar that’s perfect for some casual day drinking. It’s friendly, there are plenty of windows, and they do a handful of seafood small plates. It feels like a real neighborhood spot, and we suggest you come here with friend or two early in the night.


When: Mon-Fri, Sun, 4-7pm

The Deal: ½ Priced Beer, Wine, Well Drinks

This is a cross between a dive bar and a cocktail lounge, and it’s the best of both worlds. They make good drinks, but it also has the slightly gritty East Village vibes that you sometimes find yourself in the mood for. Come get your night started here.


When: Weekdays, 5-8pm

The Deal: $8 Classic Cocktails; $4 Beers, $6 Well Drinks, $7 Wines

This is a Happy Hour power move - the Boilermaker has a dedicated Happy Hour drink menu full of good, classic cocktails. Pair that Negroni with a burger.


Drop Off Service

211 Avenue A

When: Daily, till 8pm

The Deal: $3 and $5 Beers; $3 Off Wine, $2 Off All Liquor

A relatively nondescript spot that’s super convenient for Stuy-Town residents. Also, comfy booths.


Ten Degrees

East Village
121 Saint Marks Pl

When: Daily, 3-8pm

The Deal: Two-For-One Drinks; ½ off Wine Bottles On Mondays

Proof that a wine and cheese bar can get kind of rowdy - especially during Happy Hour.



122 Saint Marks Pl

When: Weekdays, 3-8pm; Weekends, 12-5pm

The Deal: All Draft Beers $4; $15 Wine Carafes; $7 Cocktails

Bua and Ten Degrees are not only located across from one another, but they’re also basically interchangeable. In the summer, the outdoor tables at Bua make it the first choice among the two.


When: Daily, 5-7pm

The Deal: Half Price Punch Bowls and $7 Cocktails

A fun, Cuban-inspired spot that’s famous for its rum punches - get them at half price during Happy Hour.


The Scratcher

209 E 5th St

When: Mon-Sat, 3-8pm; Sun, 3-7:15pm

The Deal: $2 Off Draft; $2 Off Well Drinks

The friendliest, chillest bar on this stretch of Bowery. It definitely doesn’t belong amongst its neighbors (The Standard, The Wren), and that’s a good thing.


When: Weekdays, 12-9pm

The Deal: $5 Well Drinks, Glasses Of Wine, And Select Drafts

A solid craft beer bar with a big back patio. It’s never too crowded, so it’s a good move for big groups.


When: Weekdays, till 7pm

The Deal: $4 Draft Beer; $4 Well Drinks

Royale’s burger alone is a great reason to trek to Avenue C. Add to that the Happy Hour drink prices and you basically have no reason not to go.


The Spotted Owl

211 Avenue A

When: Weekdays, till 8pm

The Deal: $4 Drafts; $4 Well Drinks; $7 Glasses Of Wine; $6 PBR And A Shot

There’s nothing terribly exciting about The Spotted Owl, but it does have some of the cheapest Happy Hour prices in the area.


When: Weekdays, 4-7pm

The Deal: $7 Cocktails; $1 Oysters $5 Oyster Shooters; $6 Glasses Of Wine; $4-5 Beer

The Wayland is an all-purpose bar: good for dates, good for girls night out (hello, Kale Margarita), good for Happy Hour.

Photo: Lucy Hawthorne


197 2nd Ave

When: Weekdays, 4-8pm

The Deal: Two-For-One Beer & Well Drinks

A vaguely Scottish-themed bar that’s got the “cozy” thing down with its fireplace and specialty wintry drinks.

Photo: Andrea Rojas

Kingston Hall

149 2nd Ave

When: Weekdays, 4-8pm

The Deal: Two-For-One Beer, Wine, Well Drinks

A vaguely Caribbean-themed bar with pool tables, an indoor/outdoor patio, and a decent selection of bar food.

greenwich village


The Folly

92 W Houston St

When: Daily, 12-8pm

The Deal: $6 Wine; $6 Beer; $6 Frozen Drinks

The Folly is in a basement on Houston, and it’s very easy to walk by without noticing it. If you do make it inside, you’ll find a fun, dark place to hang out. It’s a nautical-themed bar, and they make some good cocktails. Bring a date, or for any other situation when you want to drink somewhere with minimal natural light.


White Oak Tavern

21 Waverly Pl

When: Weekdays, till 7pm

The Deal: $5-6 Beers; $8 Cocktails; $7 Wines

A useful, big bar/restaurant right next to NYU. Sports on TV, lots of space, and bar food-plus (i.e. lamb nachos).



Greenwich Village
70 University Pl.

When: Weekdays, 4-7pm

The Deal: All Well Drinks $4; Bud Light Drafts $4; Food Specials

A divey sports bar you’ll love if you’re a Buck Hunter pro.


When: Weekdays, till 8pm

The Deal: $4 Beer; $5 Mixed Drinks; $5 Wine

NYU grad school’s version of Cheers. But divey-er.

Photo: Ryan Muir

west village


Sotto 13

West Village
140 W 13th St

When: Weekdays, 5-7:30pm

The Deal: Two Cocktails for $13; Two Wines for $13

Shocker: this boozy brunch go-to also happens to have a pretty great Happy Hour deal. Two glasses of wine and a pizza = ideal after-work fuel.


Greenwich Treehouse

46 Greenwich Ave

When: Sun-Fri, 5-8pm; Sat, 3-8pm

The Deal: $2 Off All Drafts; $4 Well Drinks

One of the quirkier bars around (Star Wars paraphernalia abounds), this is a good place to bring your coworkers during Happy Hour and let your freak flags fly.


When: Weekdays, 4-6:30pm

The Deal: $4.50 Well Drinks; $4 Beer Drafts

If you want to watch a game during Happy Hour, this is one of the best places in the West Village to do it.



West Village
422 Hudson St

When: Daily, 5-7:30pm

The Deal: $8 Wine Glasses/$28 bottle; $12 for 3 Charcuterie & Cheese

A great, slightly upscale wine bar. It’s a small space, and the Happy Hour isn’t a secret - so come early.


When: Weekdays, 3-8pm; Sat, 1-8pm; Sun, All Day

The Deal: $4 Draft Beers; $4 Well Drinks; $4-$5 Wines

A straightforward, laid-back spot that’s a great choice if you’re trying to avoid the busier options around.


Art Bar

52 8th Ave

When: Daily, 4-7pm

The Deal: $3.50 Draft, House Wine, Well Drinks

A West Village mainstay with big, round booths in the front, couches in the back, and one of the best Happy Hour deals in the area.

union square


The Belfry

222 E 14th St

When: Weekdays, 4-7pm

The Deal: $5 Local Drafts; $5 House Wine; Half-Price Bottles Of Wine

This bar specializes in picklebacks, which are $5 at all times. If you’d rather not get drunk on pickle juice, come at Happy Hour instead.


The Winslow

243 E 14th St

When: Mon-Wed, Fri, 12-7pm; Thurs 12-8pm

The Deal: $5 Beers; $6 Wines; $7 Cocktails

The Winslow may not look like much from the outside (especially if you’re judging it by its IHOP and 7-11 neighbors), but it’s actually a nice place to sit and have a cocktail, especially for the Union Square area.

nomad & flatiron



66 Madison Ave

When: Weekdays, 4-7pm

The Deal: $4 Drafts; $5 Shots

Shorty’s is a sports bar serving many kinds of bar food, but they’re best known for their cheesesteaks. So if you feel like having some beef and cheez whiz while you catch whatever game is on TV, come here. It isn’t fancy, but it’s good for a group hang.


When: Weekdays, 5-7pm; Weekends, 12-7

The Deal: $10 Cocktails; $2 Oysters, $7 Prosecco; $5 Oyster Shooters

Sure, the HH alcohol offerings are kind of random, but order yourself a Stout and some $2 oysters and you’ll be fine. John Dory is one of the best spots in the area for polished yet laid-back meet-ups of all kinds.


Flatiron Lounge

37 W 19th St

When: Weekdays, 4-6pm

The Deal: $10 Select Cocktails; $6 Beers; $10 Wines

One of the “fancier” cocktail bars in the area, and probably your 2nd choice if Raine’s Law Room is full. Except not during Happy Hour, when it should be your 1st.


Hill Country

30 W. 26th St.

When: Daily, 5-7pm, 10pm-12am

The Deal: $4 Cans Of Beer; $20 Buckets Of Beer; $6 Well Drinks; $22 Margarita Pitchers, $6 House Wine; $2 Jello Shots; $5 PBR And A Shot

Happy Hour with a side of #MEEEEEATS? Sounds like a pretty great plan.


When: Daily, 3-7pm

The Deal: $6 Wines; $6 Cocktails; $8 Mac and Cheese; $7 Cheese Plates

Underneath Beecher’s Cheese shop is this useful little wine and cheese bar that’s definitely the best option for your Work Ladies Wine Wednesdays in the area.

gramercy & murray hill


When: Daily, 4-6pm

The Deal: $5 Drafts, Cocktails, and Glasses Of Wine; $12 For A Burger And Manhattan

If you want to grab a drink and maybe have something to eat in Murray Hill, this is one of your best options. It’s a restaurant/cocktail bar serving slightly fancy bar food. Although you should probably do their happy hour burger-and-Manhattan deal.


When: Daily, 4-7pm

The Deal: $6 Glasses Of Wine, Beer, And Well Drinks

A new-ish bar/restaurant with solid cocktails, big TV’s, and Southern-inspired food. So basically, a godsend to Murray Hill residents.


When: Weekdays, 3-7pm

The Deal: $4 Drafts; $4 Well Drinks

Ever wonder where all the city’s firemen hang out? Now you know - this is a fireman-opened, fireman-frequented, fireman-themed bar. Single ladies of Murray Hill, take note.


When: Weekdays, 4-8pm

The Deal: $5 Beer; $6 Glasses Of Wine; $7 Cocktails

Cask gets pretty busy, but it’s never overly-crowded thanks to its giant size.


When: Weekdays, 4-7pm

The Deal: $1 Off Everything

Discounted beers plus free, serve-yourself popcorn are a match made in Happy Hour heaven. This is also a great place to pregame a movie at the nearby AMC - extra points for sneaking in the aforementioned popcorn.


When: Daily, 3-8pm

The Deal: $4-6 Beer; $2 Off Glasses Of Wine; $1 Off Cocktails

A nice break from the usual bro-y Murray Hill bars, this is a very solid, low-key craft beer bar that makes for a great place for a catch-up Happy Hour session.



Terroir Tribeca

24 Harrison St.

When: Daily, 4-6pm, 11pm-close

The Deal: $2 Off Bar Snacks; $1.25 Oysters; $2-$4 Off Every Glass Of Wine

This wine bar doesn’t take itself too seriously, they serve some good food, and there’s a lot of wine to choose from. Also, every glass is discounted during happy hour. Go drink here.



273 Church St

When: Weekdays, 4-8pm

The Deal: $2 Off Any Drink

A nondescript spot that feels like it belongs in Colorado. Or some other friendly, mountainous place where fully loaded nachos are a thing that people often order.


Belle Reve

305 Church St.

When: Weekdays, 4-7pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters; $8 For A Beer And A Shot; Food Specials

Tribeca was in desperate need of more places where the crazy comes out to play, and that’s exactly what Belle Reve is. Sit at the bar, get the burger, and get to people watching.


When: Daily, 4-8pm

The Deal: Half Off Select Food And Drink

A classic pub with one very important twist: they make Alidoro sandwiches during the day, till 5pm. Which means that from 4 to 5pm, when Happy Hour and Alidoro hours overlap, you need to be at Puffy’s.



When:Weekdays, 5-7pm (Second Floor Only)

The Deal: $1 Oysters; $12 Cocktails

Part cocktail bar, part restaurant, this place has an old-school vibe with fancy drinks. It’s the best catch-up spot in FiDi.


Trading Post

170 John St

When: Weekdays, 4-7pm; Sat-Sun, All Day

The Deal: $5 Select Drafts; $5 Select Wines By The Glass; $8 French Martinis And Cosmos; 50% Off Bottles Of Wine On Mondays

A giant, three-floor space in the Seaport that’s big enough to accommodate your fifty favorite Wall Street coworkers.


The Beekman Pub

15 Beekman St

When: Weekdays, 5-7pm

The Deal: $3 Bud Light Pints; $5 Wines; $5 Well Drinks

An old Irish pub that you only need to know about for the sake of its ridiculously cheap happy hour.




271 11th Ave.

When: Daily, 4-7pm

The Deal: $10 Cocktails; $5 Punch Flasks, $7 Fence Posts With Zapp’s Potato hips

A go-to when you need a fun, unpretentious environment for a big group. The cocktails are great, as is the food.


When: Weekdays, 4-6pm

The Deal: $5 Rocks Margaritas; $6 Frozen Margaritas; $3 PBR Cans

Yep, this is a trailer-themed bar, and no, it’s nowhere near as awful as it sounds. It’s actually kind of great. Come with a few friends and catch up over frozen margs and tater tots.



Salvation Taco

Murray Hill
145 E. 39th St. - Pod 39 Hotel

When: Daily, 4-6pm

The Deal: $7 Cocktails; $5 Drafts; $7 Wine; $10 For Two Tacos

Not our favorite dining experience, but if you’re around Murray Hill and you’re looking for a rooftop, you can check out the happy hour here. There’s a nice outdoor space, and some of the tacos are pretty good (although portions tend to be small).


When: Weekdays, 12-6pm

The Deal: $10 Select Cocktails; $10 Rose; $5 Beers

A classy spot that gets overrun with suits, but is also one of the best places to drink a good cocktail in Midtown. In this area, you just can’t win ’em all.


Réunion Surf Bar

357 W. 44th St.

When: Mon, Thurs, Fri, 5:30-8pm; Sunday, All Day

The Deal: $3 Pilsner; $4 IPA; $5 Sliders And Hot Dogs; $6 Select Cocktails

A surfing-themed bar in the middle of Midtown makes zero sense, but then again nothing in Midtown really does. We welcome any place in the area that has decent drinks and not-sad feelings.


When: Daily, 12-6pm

The Deal: $1 Off Every Draft Beer

A beer place near Port Authority that doesn’t suck.



Hell's Kitchen
510 W. 52nd St.

When: Weekdays, 4-7pm

The Deal: $2 Off Wine & Draft Beer

A wine-and-small-plates utility play that will work for anything from a date to drinks with the boss.


When: Weekdays, 11am-7pm

The Deal: $5 Well Drinks; $5-6 Beers

An extensive beer list, an outdoor patio, and friendly staff make this place a good Midtown East Happy Hour go-to.


When: Daily, 4-6pm, 11pm-1am

The Deal: $5 Drafts; $6 Pinot Grigio And Pinot Noir

A British gastropub that’s your best bet for a not-awful Happy Hour scene very close to Grand Central.


When: Daily, 11am-9pm

The Deal: $6 Domestic Bottled Beer; $7 Flavored Vodka; $6 Beer Of The Month

If you’re into Midtown Irish pubs, we don’t really understand you but we’ll go ahead and recommend this one.


Rattle N Hum

14 E 33rd St

When: Weekdays, 11am-7pm

The Deal: $5 Select Draft Beers; $5 Well Drinks; $5 Wine

A great choice for Happy Hour before a game at the Garden, with lots of craft beer and surprisingly good bar food.

upper east side



1191 1st Ave

When: Monday 3pm-Close, Tues-Fri 3pm-8pm, Sat-Sun 5pm-Close

The Deal: $7 Wine, Sangria, Margaritas, Select Cocktails, $5 Select Beers

A slightly upscale Mexican place on the Upper East Side where you can get some spicy crab or tuna tartare in your guacamole. They do an all-night happy hour on Saturday and Sunday, but know their happy hour is restricted to the bar/lounge area.


When: Daily, 5-7pm

The Deal: $2 Off Certain Beer And Wine

Years after opening, this place is as much a sh*tshow as ever. Young Upper East Side people are desperate for fun places to hang, and this is one of the best and only options.


When: Weekdays, 11am-7pm; Sunday-Thurs 11pm-1am

The Deal:$5 Select Drafts And Cans; $10 Wine On Tap; $5 Well Drinks

This UES beer garden is in our regular outdoor summer hang rotation, but it’s also a pro Happy Hour move if you’re in the area.


The Pony Bar

1444 1st Avenue

When: Weekdays, 3-6pm

The Deal: $2 Off All Beer; $4 Shots Of Moonshine; $6 Wine On Tap

All of the craft beers. Well, not all. But somewhere around 25, on tap. And you can have them for $5 during the strangest Happy Hour timeframe on this list.

upper west side



Upper West Side
480 Amsterdam

When: Daily, 4-7pm

The Deal: $4 Narragansett, $6 Craft Beer Of Day, $8 House Cocktails And Wine

If you’re looking for a nice, big, no-nonsense burger on the Upper West Side, go to Joe’s. It’s a restaurant/bar that feels kind of like a more modern Corner Bistro with louder music and better beer.


Mermaid Inn

Upper West Side
570 Amsterdam Ave.

When: Daily, 5-7pm

The Deal: $1 East Coast Oysters. Select $5 Beers, $7 Wines And $8 Cocktails

Cheap oysters, cheap drinks. The Mermaid Inn is a neighborhood seafood restaurant (with a second location downtown), and we especially like it for a its dollar-oyster happy hour. Bring your kids and chug a decent amount of wine.


When: 11-8pm Mon-Sat; Sun, All Night

The Deal: $5 Drafts; $5 Well Drinks

It may be as narrow as a NYC apartment, but The Dead Poet has a lot to offer - mainly good cocktails, endearing literary references, and free popcorn.


When: Daily, till 7pm

The Deal: $9 Wine

Perhaps the coziest bar on the Upper West Side, Le Pif is an unassuming little wine spot that’s perfect for dates or one-on-ones where you actually want to hear each other.


Burke & Wills

226 W 79th St

When: Weekdays, 4-8pm; Weekends, 5-7pm

The Deal: $1 Oysters; Two-for-One Cocktails

Australians are taking over Manhattan, and their reach has officially stretched all the way to the UWS, with this downtown-feeling bar that can only be described as an industrial saloon. Whether or not that appeals to you, the cocktails here are solid and two-for-one is hard to argue with.


When: Weekdays, 4-7pm

The Deal: Half Off All Drinks Under $10

On the same block - but the other side of the spectrum - is Blondies. Nothing cool about it, just sports on TV and pretty good wings.

east halrem & harlem


Mess Hall

2194 Frederick Douglass Blvd

When: Daily, 4-8pm

The Deal: $6 Wells; Can & Shot Specials

Movies projected on the walls, great cocktails, and a back patio make this one of the best places to grab a drink in Harlem.


The Lexington Social

1634 Lexington Ave

When: Daily, Until 7pm

The Deal: $6 Glasses Of Wine; $6 Sangria; $6 Margaritas; $6 Well drinks; $4 Pacifico Drafts

Getting together with the girls? Or, really anyone that enjoys good wine, conversation, and food? Lexington Social’s happy hour is an excellent choice.

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